Spring Break

The first weekend of Spring Break was low-key. We watched General Conference while the kids played or napped. I loved Elder Holland’s talk the most.

On Sunday Gavin started complaining that he wasn’t feeling well and fell asleep on the couch, with the whole family buzzing around him. I suspected he might be getting sick, which would put a damper on our planned mini-vacation.


Monday Gavin woke up fine and was running around with Ben. When Logan went down for his nap, I left him at home with Megan and ran errands with the other boys. We drove over to Seattle to buy a craigslist bike for Ben, and while in the neighborhood stopped at a great playground for a few minutes. Then we did some vacation shopping at Target and Trader Joe’s. On the way home, Gavin started complaining that he had something in his eye.

IMG_20130408_205146 20130408_135048

When we arrived home to happy Megan and Logan, Gavin showed me his eye, and I knew immediately it was pinkeye. Our neighbors, who Gavin plays with constantly, had it over at their house a week or so ago. I called the doctor’s office and said, “He has pinkeye. We are going out of town tomorrow. Please call me in some eye drops.” Oh, but they have to see him. “It’s pinkeye. Our neighbors had it. I don’t want to drag all these kids into the office. Please just call in a prescription.” No dice.

So I left Ben with Megan at home this time and ran down to the office (thankfully it’s only a mile or two). The pediatrician (not my usual) walked in the room and said, “Yep, it’s pinkeye.” Once again, this is not my first rodeo. His ears were fluid-filled, too, and we got another prescription for amoxicillin in case his ears started hurting, too. Since we were going on vacation to a waterpark, I started tanking him up with antibiotics. The doctor said we could put the eye drops in as often as every two hours until his eye was clear. I went ahead and gave him the amoxicillin. Christopher says I will be personally responsible for the super bug that kills us all. But wouldn’t you know, 24 hours later when we got in the water at Great Wolf Lodge, Gavin’s eyes were as clear as can be.

Tuesday morning I packed and cleaned and loaded up the car while Christopher worked a half day. After Logan woke up from his nap, we picked Christopher up in Bellevue, stopping first at Ben & Jerry’s for free cone day!

The drive to Great Wolf Lodge was only about an hour and a half from Bellevue, but Logan especially was not happy. Armed with only a few DVDs and some snacks, I was not prepared for revolt on a 90 minute drive. We definitely haven’t traveled with Logan as much as the older kids. Around 4 we checked into the hotel, got settled in our room, and changed and headed to the waterpark. Megan and Gavin immediately headed off in their own direction. Once I saw how vigilant the lifeguards were, I was okay with that. Christopher and Logan both just looked at the water suspiciously (my slow to adapt boys), so Ben and I left them and were immediately on a waterslide.

After an hour, we changed again and went next door to Burger Claim. We read the food at GWL was overpriced and gross, and I thought the Burger Claim was delicious. They grind the meat, form the patties, cut the fries, the whole nine yards. We got six cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries, and a milkshake for $30. I thought it was a great deal.

After dinner Christopher put Logan to bed and I took the kids to story time, which was lame. After about 10 minutes Megan and Ben were ready to leave (Gavin actually seemed to enjoy it), but I couldn’t go back to the hotel room, and we didn’t have our swimsuits to go back in the waterpark. So, I did what we told the kids we wouldn’t do: buy the Magiquest wands and run up and down the stairwells on a Harry-Potter-video-game-esque scavenger hunt. Like the mean cheap mommy I am, I made them share one wand, but it filled the time until about 9 p.m. Then we headed back to the room to sleep for the night.

Amazingly, Logan slept all night in the Pack n Play. Ben apparently woke up several times but he was sleeping with Christopher so thankfully I didn’t have to deal with it. Megan and I shared a bed nicely, and Gavin had the pull-out sofa.

After breakfast in our room (oatmeal, bananas, juice, and apples), we headed to the waterpark. And we played hard. Ben must have climbed 100 flights of stairs to ride those waterslides, and when he wasn’t on the slides he was in the wave pool. He was tall enough to ride everything except the Howlin’ Tornado, which I rode once with Megan and it was quite violent. But fun. Funny story: while I was standing six stories up in the line for the Tornado, I saw Ben sneak away from Christopher. That kid fast-walked from the kiddie area over to the wave pool, looking over his shoulder every few steps. Thankfully we had a puddle jumper on him the whole time, so he wasn’t likely to drown, but oooh, that kid. When I got to the bottom again Ben was in time out.

Logan warmed up to the water slowly, but by the end of the second day he was jumping off stuff, putting his face into the water, and screaming, “WHEE!!” while signing “more”. We must have sent him down those baby slides 50 times. He took a brief nap in the stroller.

Gavin rode everything, even the tornado, but in true fashion kept sneaking off to relax in the hot tub. The age minimum was 8 so he was all over that. Some neighbor friends showed up on the second day and Megan and Gavin were thrilled to play with their buddies for a few hours.

The lifeguards were hyper vigilant and busted us a few times. I was told “not to launch my children in the water” when I threw Ben up in the air. They told us not to send Logan down the slide backwards (after we had done it 49 times). They busted us for eating our own food (there are people walking around with ice cream cones and corn dogs, but if you bust out some apple slices or granola bars, they shut you down. Once we bought a Great Wolf Lodge pizza, no one said anything again, even when we served it with our own baby carrots.) I didn’t mind the lifeguards, though. I really did appreciate their alertness.

(I took some fun video of our time at the waterpark, but no pictures. As soon as we walked through those glass doors, we were on Logan and Ben the whole time. I’ll post some video soon.)

Around 5 p.m. we changed and headed home, exhausted and sore. Ben conked out as soon as we got on the freeway. Logan watched Letter Factory twice before whining the rest of the way home. We went to bed as soon as we got home. Even Christopher and I were out by 9.

The next morning I had to take Christopher to work because didn’t remember his car was in Bellevue until we got  home. A friend of mine was going to the zoo and wanted company, so I thought, “Hey, that sounds like fun.” Terrible, terrible idea. First, everyone was too exhausted from our 36-hour trip to function. Second, the forecast that called for sun lied. It was wet. Third, for some reason my kids had insatiable appetites. Perhaps residual waterpark hunger. At any rate, in the 90 minutes we were at the zoo we had four separate child meltdowns in the following order: Ben, Gavin, Megan, and Logan. They also devoured all the string cheese, crackers, Gogurts, ZBars, apples, and water I packed. We left before 11.

We spent the rest of the day at home. Friday, too. Saturday after naps we ventured to Costco, and Sunday we enjoyed church. I took some belated Easter pictures since I was sick on Easter. And that was our Spring Break. And I’m just a little bit excited for it to end.


IMG_8492 IMG_8488 IMG_8485 IMG_8473 IMG_8467


3 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. My kids almost never take antibiotics so maybe your overuse will be cancelled out by our underuse. Tallulah had all these lymph nodes in the back of her neck and the ped said it was from undiagnosed ear infections. Oops. I just can never tell when they have them!

  2. I love all the amazing pictures you capture! What a treasure you will have when all your kids have grown up!

    You will have to tell me more about the Seattle playground you went to and about your adventure to Great Wolf Lodge! I am glad you were able to have such a fun family get away!

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