Swallowed objects and chia seeds

So last week was rough. Highlights included taking Ben for an assessment with the occupational therapist at the elementary school. Logan and I wandered around on the playground for half an hour. When the OT brought Ben back, she said, a bit curtly, “I will write an assessment for the activities which he participated in.” To which Ben immediately replied, “But, Mom, it was so boring. She wanted me to stack blocks and play with puzzles.” (Which is what Logan enjoys, to put it in perspective.) I will be interested to see what they all say (the school psychologist. OT, etc.) when I go back in a few weeks.

Ben also managed to swallow something shiny (think large oval marble). He had been carrying it around all day, and at one point said, “Oh, Mom, by the way, I swallowed the gem.” I dug out a rubber glove from under my kitchen sink and got to look for the gem several times a day. In the toilet. Ben thought it was awesome. Three days later, there it was, good as new. The sheen was a bit dull, but other than that, it was perfect. Ben wanted to hold it, so against my better judgement, I washed it well and handed it to him. Five minutes later, he got distracted, set it down, and Logan picked it up and started to put it in his mouth. Into the trash it went.

Friday I watched Lucy, Mia, and Hank all day while Jansen and Holly were in Hawaii. I usually enjoy having extra kids around. Lucy and Mia kept Ben busy, and Hank was so unbelievably easy. It makes me realize that my current state of frazzled is warranted. I know my kids are challenging, but watching them side-by-side with some typical kids really drives the point home.


We had a busy weekend, but thankfully I was able to take a break and attend a Stake Women’s Conference. The theme was “drops of oil” a la the ten virgins parable, and we enjoyed some nice talks followed by a delicious dinner. I rode with my good friends Laura, Jeannie, and Jessica. Christopher shuttled the kids around. Gavin had baseball pictures and a game. During nap time Christopher played a basketball game. Our church team is in some regional tournament, and they keep winning. The wives have mixed feelings about this. 


The weather was nasty last week, too. Saturday night I was so desperate for some warmth I was looking on Zillow for houses in Columbia

Then, Sunday, the second Sunday in a row that we were all healthy and at church, the clouds parted. Monday it started to warm up, Tuesday Gavin was wearing shorts and by Wednesday even I was in capri pants. 

Tuesday I got a flat tire, but the day didn’t turn out too bad. Roadside assistance put the spare on, and the next morning I went to Costco and they were able to repair it (thank goodness!) The wait was two hours, but the weather was so gorgeous I just threw Logan in the stroller and Ben and I walked over to PCC (a natural grocery store with a huge deli section) and ate a snack, then over to Michael’s, then through Costco. Our car was done before we knew it. 

Wednesday afternoon Gavin had Scouts and a baseball game. The baseball game was at an elementary school, so while he did his thing I chased the little boys around in the 68 degree sunshine.

Today I dropped Ben off at preschool and then Logan and I cleaned out the garage. It’s amazing how productive I can be with four days in a row of sunshine. 

I have also focused a lot on my health in the last few weeks. A while ago I stumbled upon a PBS infomercial about the Virgin Diet. It’s about food intolerance and how sensitivities to certain foods (seven) are making people fat, among other things. I have just been so tired lately, and know food has much to do with it (along with exercise, sleep, and sun/Vitamin D). So I got the Virgin Diet book and I’m sold. 

The gist of it is I’m off: dairy, gluten, corn, soy, peanuts, egg, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. You ask, what else is there? Plenty, in fact, I think I’m eating better than I did before. Smoothies instead of a bowl of cereal. Salads with beans and chicken and lettuce and quinoa instead of PB&J.  I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, and I can tell a difference. I think I’m sold, and I’m going to slowly transition my family to healthier eating, too. I got rid of their daily vitamin that had artificial sweeteners and colors (red 40). I’m checking the bread for azodicarbonamide and calcium proprionate (Costco makes one loaf without them). Basically, I’m reading a lot of labels, and trying to get rid of unnecessary chemicals. This is the first winter that I’ve tried not to clean with chemicals, and I just realized it’s the first winter Megan hasn’t been on steroids for asthma. It’s very possible she is just outgrowing it. Or, perhaps it’s the white vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.

I’m also trying to be more active. I spent eight of the last ten years either pregnant or breastfeeding. During that time I ate as much as possible (to gain weight or produce milk) and exercised as little as possible (to stop preterm labor or mastitis). Now I have to switch it. I need to be active, and eat like a normal person. 

Not a great picture blog, but here’s a good healthy food trick. Freeze leftover smoothie in popsicle molds. Logan is eating a popsicle made of coconut milk, orange juice, berries, banana, and chia seeds. 



4 thoughts on “Swallowed objects and chia seeds

  1. It’s amazing how our diet (and lack of sleep!), SUNSHINE and exercise can affect our energy level! So glad you are figuring some things out! And hooray for me for being able to learn from the things you share 🙂 !! We make a lot of smoothies in the summer, I will have to try and freeze some of the leftovers.

    P.S. Lucky us for getting the frazzle-making children 😉 !!

  2. I know this place where it’s sunny like 399 days a year. You should move there. It’s called “Phoenix”. Will you keep sharing some of you health findings? I want to be more healthy but it never translates into anything more than that because it seems too hard. And too expensive. But I guess it just takes some adjusting and planning.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping that you are hanging in there. I’m glad that you are focusing on yourself and trying to find things to make you feel better. And the swallowed object business had me laughing but I know how awful it is to have to look through poop!

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