Mother’s Day Week

I just wore shorts all week in Seattle in May. That alone made it a great week. We played outside all day, every day. Monday Gavin had a baseball game. I haven’t been going to his games, unfortunately, because with the little boys I wouldn’t be watching, anyway. The little guys are manageable one at a time. Together, they are difficult at home, and near impossible in public.

This week we took our inaugural family bike ride. With Christopher pulling Ben on a trail-a-bike and Logan in a seat behind me, we managed to ride around the neighborhood on our first trip, and in an adjacent neighborhood on our second. Ben is holding on for dear life, but I think after a month or two he’ll figure out the balance and pedaling.

On Wednesday morning I had a meeting at the elementary school with the school psychologist, OT, and special ed teacher. Ben has been admitted to the special ed preschool program next year, and they will work with him on his social, behavior, and fine motor skills. I think it will be good as long as it’s fun and nurturing, too. I worried that his “file”, which basically says he is impulsive and aggressive, would stay with him throughout school, but they assured me that as soon as he no longer needs services, his IEP would be on a “need to know” basis. I told them I wanted to make sure that his third grade teacher wouldn’t be reading about how he was a troublemakin’ four-year-old, because I’m hoping and praying he will outgrow this before kindergarten. At any rate, the preschool is less than 2 1/2 hours a day, so it’s not a huge commitment. Just enough time to give Logan a little undivided attention.

On Friday I went to book club, which was essentially a glorified play group. When someone brought up the book after an hour and a half, I had forgotten we were there to discuss one. But the weather was fine and the kids were having a blast running around and eating watermelon and strawberries. That afternoon Gavin had his Second Grade concert at 2:15, right in the middle of naptime. I thought about getting a babysitter, but the teens don’t get home until 2:30 or so. Finally I asked Christopher if he could work the afternoon at home, and I’m so glad he did, and I’m really glad I went. Gavin beamed with pride as he sang his songs, played his glockenspiel, and showed me his art portfolio. He even held my hand as we walked down the hall, and how much longer do I get to do that?


Saturday Gavin had a morning ball game, and I took the other three kids to Gilman Village for this bike rodeo. We hung out at White Horse Toys for a little while, then checked out the bike event, which was a bit of a disappointment. Not to mention: both little boys in public is near impossible. After a quick stop at the library (I LOVE our library), we headed home for lunch and naps. Christopher did a ton of yard work (with a little help from weed-pullers Megan and Gavin), then he and Gavin headed to Seattle for the Mariners game. It was a perfect night for a game–75 degrees–and Megan (she didn’t want to go to the game) and I played with the little boys outside, then put them to bed and watched The Food Network.


Mother’s Day was perfect. Christopher usually cooks breakfast and dinner every Sunday anyway, so the day wasn’t too out of the ordinary, but I did enjoy my cards and gifts, including a decorated candle-holder from Megan and a necklace from Gavin that he made in Scouts. And Ben tells me I’m getting an apron at his Mother’s Day Tea on Tuesday. It was cloudy but warm enough to grill steaks and play outside all evening. As we put the little boys to bed, it started pouring rain. Perfect.

(Outside church. Poor Megan, she’s overdue for a photo shoot.)

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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Week

  1. You are lookin’ SKINNY, my friend! P.S. Do you have any ideas how to wean a 17 month old who nurses to sleep for naps and night? He’s so crazy, but the second he’s nursing he’s out. And he sleeps amazing. I hate to mess with it. So should I? For sure before the baby comes in November.

    • From a former tandem nurser, I would vote don’t mess with it. Atticus lost interest not long after Lulah was born as he came to see it as a baby thing. But he was a little older (2.5) when she was born. And I really loved nursing them together. He would hold her hand and stroke her wee face and it was painfully precious.

  2. The special ed preschool has been a Godsend for Alyssa. Some things I could do without, like her copying bad behaviors of other children, but the individual attention and help she’s getting by far outweighs some of the negative things she’s picked up and we’ve had to nip in the bud. Her pre-k was a full day, which was nice for her, and I. I must admit I’ve enjoyed just having Blake to myself all day 🙂 I hope after next year in Special Ed Kindergarten I’ll be able to integrate her into regular kindergarten. My fingers are crossed!

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