Birthday, Scouts, and Powderpuff Derby

On Tuesday I got a little extra love at Ben’s belated Mother’s Day Tea. We got the cutest preschool gifts I’ve ever seen (handprints and an apron, to name a few) and the kids put on a show. Logan fit right in.

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That night Gavin had a Pack Meeting. Ben hadn’t napped so he was banished to staying home with Megan until Christopher got home. She probably babysat for twenty minutes or so, and she is getting better and better. I feel comfortable leaving her with one of the little boys for up to an hour or so when they are awake. Logan ran around during the Pack Meeting with the other under fives, and was pretty good.

Thursday was my 31st birthday. Megan and Gavin gave me cards as soon as I woke up. Megan’s was poster-sized and said, “OUR FAMILY. We have all the ingredients… smiles, tears, and little moments that make life sweeter… but most important, A MOM!” Gavin’s had a picture of a rose and said I was sweet, with only a few thorns. Glad to know I’m not raising kids that sugarcoat things. Tears and thorns are definitely a part of our life.


The day continued with chocolate-chip pancakes and a massage from Joyce. I got a massage partly because it was my birthday, and partly because I had been in pain for a week. I must have twisted or lifted a kid funny because my left scapula hurt! I babied it all week, got adjusted, and a deep massage and I’m starting to feel better. After my massage Logan and I ran errands while Ben was in preschool, including our first trip to The Grange, a country store that in addition to selling Scouting gear, sells baby chicks and ducks! Logan was enthralled.


The boys took great naps, which gave me time to read all my Facebook messages, and then we played outside all afternoon in the sunshine. Logan has learned to climb and slide. Unfortunately, he doesn’t respect heights yet, so I have to chase him around.


After dinner Christopher came home and made me dairy-free, gluten-free lava cakes. And they were divine. And I still got a stomachache, so hopefully I’m just sensitive to eggs. Because if I’m sensitive to chocolate, well that’s just unfortunate.

Friday night Christopher took Gavin AND Ben to Father’s & Son Campout. Megan even bailed on me and went and watched a movie in a nearby garage with half the neighborhood kids. This morning was the Powderpuff Pinewood Derby. Megan’s wheels kept falling off but eventually she managed to win second place in a heat and that’s all she needed. In the afternoon we rested. The boys were tired and Megan had another party to go to. It’s a sleepover but I’m picking her up at 10.




3 thoughts on “Birthday, Scouts, and Powderpuff Derby

  1. Love Megan’s card to you. I have no idea how I missed that it was your birthday. So a happy birthday from me! If I couldn’t eat chocolate I might die. I’m praying eggs.

  2. Happy belated birthday. I laughed so hard when I read Megan’s card. That is just priceless-the pictures really added to the effect. And a chocolate allergy would be worse than unfortunate, it would be miserable!

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