Poppy and Grammy Visit!

With my dad home from Afghanistan, my parents embarked on a cross-country “See the Grandkids” Tour. They visited Atticus and Tallulah in Madison, Emma in Des Moines, then hopped on an airplane to Seattle.

IMG_0321 IMG_0344

Tuesday was the long-awaited day for us. I dropped Ben at preschool then headed to the airport with Logan. We waited in the cell lot for a few minutes, watching planes take off, until it was time to pick up Grammy and Poppy! We were all excited to see them, but no one more than Ben! 


Ethan’s old baseball glove. It fits Gavin better than Ben. We’ll have to pass it down to Ethan’s kids someday.


Watching the airplanes


First park trip


First morning snuggles

Wednesday while Megan and Gavin were in school, we visited Snoqualmie Falls and did some outlet shopping in North Bend. While the boys were napping I visited the dermatologist. Megan and Gavin had Scouts and Activity Days and we stopped by the Farmer’s Market and had dinner at Mod Pizza.

IMG_0442 IMG_0433 IMG_0424 IMG_0408

Thursday was Benny’s last day of three-year-old preschool. We all went to his ice cream party at the end of class. During nap time I got a massage, and in the evening my parents went to dinner with some old friends, Randy and Calleen Grover.


First day of preschool – September 2012


Last day of preschool – June 2013


Ice cream party

Friday we went to Alki Beach. It was the first cloudy day since my parents’ arrival but no rain and warm-ish. We walked along the beach, looking at rocks, shells, and seaweed. I wished I had put shorts and water shoes on my kids. Logan was very hesitant at first, but soon loved the “beach”. Ben had no fear and walked out to a sandbar. Thankfully there were no drops, because my dad was fully dressed and not excited to go in after him. We got fish and chips for lunch before heading home for naps.


Ben’s signature face – pure mischief


Logan’s signature face

IMG_0530 IMG_0521 IMG_0520 IMG_0513 IMG_0499 IMG_0498 IMG_0487 IMG_0482 IMG_0479 IMG_0468 IMG_0465 IMG_0462 IMG_0453 IMG_0449IMG_0540IMG_0531

As soon as Megan got home Mom and I took her shopping, as we had promised her months before. We were both exhausted, and it didn’t help that the first five stores had completely hideous clothes in Megan’s size, but finally we went to Aeropostle and found some cute, cheap clothes. It is really hard to find age-appropriate clothes for Megan. She’s only 10 but wears a 14 or so. At Aeropostle the clothes were so tight we bought her a Medium in most everything. When we were about to drop we stopped at Boom Noodle for sustenance before heading home.

Saturday the men played golf while the rest of us played in the glorious sunshine. I should add that Ben is on a 5-6 a.m. waking schedule, and my dad was up with him every single morning. Nice for me, rough for him. We cleaned a little, napped a little. When the men got home Christopher and I went out for a hot date. We got some Italian for dinner, then headed to the temple where a recent convert to the church was receiving his endowment. It was a beautiful night, and when we left Christopher surprised me with a night at a nearby hotel. He had travel credit to spend, and it was a wonderful opportunity to wake up in the morning without having to deal with the immediate needs of four other people. We ate a leisurely breakfast before heading to church to meet Grammy and Poppy and the kids.


After church and naps the Carls came over for Mom’s famous cooking. After dinner we played until 8, when Grammy, Poppy, and Christopher all headed to the airport for red-eye flights to the East coast. Grammy and Poppy back to South Carolina and Christopher to Florida for the annual “team building” aka do fun stuff with your coworkers.

We sure enjoyed our visit, and can’t wait to see Grammy and Poppy again!

IMG_8615 IMG_8614 IMG_8611 IMG_8603 IMG_8600 IMG_8596 IMG_0584 IMG_0561 IMG_0560 IMG_0542


2 thoughts on “Poppy and Grammy Visit!

  1. What an amazing visit with your parents! So wonderful that they could come and you could so thoroughly enjoy time with them!

    And props to Chris for the surprise hotel night. Fabulous 🙂 !!

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