Tuesday and London

Ben woke up at five-freakin’-thirty and he acted like it. At 9:45 I let him “check on” Logan. After almost 15 hours in his crib my baby spent the next hour eating two bowls of oatmeal with almond butter and diced apples, a scramble egg, and two cups of milk. We did the laundry and jumped on the trampoline and nap time seriously couldn’t come fast enough. I made soup and rolls and took a nap myself.

The big kids walked in the door, ate a bunch of fresh rolls, and headed right back out. Megan rode her bike to Stuti’s, where they talked about what they were wearing to 5th grade graduation and tried on makeup, and Gavin played baseball with his friends until I yelled at him three times to come in and get ready for his Cub Scout hike. I briefly considered taking everyone hiking (families were welcome) before laughing at myself for the thought. After dinner and more trampoline jumping, those little guys were bathed and put directly to bed.

20130611_202806 image

In other news, Christopher heard back from London. When he was over there he interviewed for a job, one in which they had been interviewing people for almost a year without finding someone they liked. Christopher had five separate interviews, including one with a VP. That interview was at 11 a.m. He woke up at 3 a.m. that morning and called me, not able to sleep. He worked until 6 a.m. and went back to bed, setting his alarm for nine. Unfortunately he opened his eyes at 11:30. The VP later rescheduled that interview via Skype, but Christopher figured he had blown it. Until he got the call that an offer was in the works, and later the email with the beginning details.

Basically: a significant promotion and raise. One or two years in London. That’s about all we know so far. The office is near King’s Cross, so we could live very close-in or out in the suburbs.

My feelings: the cost of living in London would most likely cancel out the raise. And the local school system is a circus. But… it’s London. It’s Europe. City life. Travel. But we are settled here. But it’s two hours from Paris! You can’t even get to Portland in two hours from here. But can I manage all these kids in a big city? I can’t even manage a trip to Target. And we have lots of friends here. But what can we experience there?

Some big issues to ponder. Megan skipped a grade here. That’s going to be a problem there, as schools will want to place her with her age group. And Ben. All-day kindergarten (aka reception) actually starts at age four in the UK. Sign us up! But will he be able to handle it? Or rather, will they be able to handle him?

At this point, we are awaiting more information so we can start planning and praying. But I already know I’ll be happy either way. If we are going to London, I will be excited and anxious. If we are staying, I will be relieved and disappointed. It’s a win-win.



3 thoughts on “Tuesday and London

  1. Wow, that’s scary, exciting, fun, crazy, etc! Is this still with Expedia? I’d be sad to see you leave but know you’ll do what is best for your family. Good luck!!

  2. WHAT!!!! Seth and I are just dying to get over to Europe. What a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you end up taking it, it will no doubt be hard, but worth every second. Living over seas brought my family so much closer together and was an experience I will never ever forget. Good luck!

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