Ben slept in. Six-thirty! I helped him get a bowl of cereal and turn on The Magic School Bus and went back to bed. Sometime around 8:15 Ben came in and I figured I’d better wake Megan and Gavin for school. Five more days, I told myself. They managed to get  ready and out the door in 20 minutes. Megan decided to go “full hog” (her words) with the yellow accessories.

20130612_082536Ben and Logan watched too much TV until I got myself showered and dressed and we went outside. Ben scootered and I rode my bike over to the park. This arrangement works great until Ben decides to do something Ben-ish, like edge his scooter out, with deliberate mischief, in front of moving vehicles. Thankfully, the not one but two people he tried this on just stopped, then slowly drove around him. I, of course, could do nothing but yell and threaten because I couldn’t get off my bike, or Logan would crash to the ground. So perhaps our bike/scooter routine is shelved until Ben learns obedience, or at least common sense. He refuses to take my word that being hit by a car would not be a fun thing for him.

20130612_113243 20130612_113205

In the afternoon my friend Laura came over with her three boys. Between our six and the various neighbor boys that kept knocking on the door and showing up in the backyard, I think we had about 12 or 13 buzzing around at some point. It was chaotic but made the time pass wonderfully quickly. Soon it was time for dinner (boxed mac & cheese, raw veggies, and leftover rolls), more trampoline jumping while I cleaned the kitchen, baths and bed.


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