Ben slept till seven this morning! He must have been watching the clock, because at 7:00 on the dot he started yelling. We got those big kids out the door and Logan some breakfast, then headed outside. This time, we walked with Logan in the stroller. The weather was warm but slightly drizzly. We stopped by two houses but couldn’t find a playmate for Ben so we headed home for lunch and naps. When the big kids got home we played outside until dinner.

Gavin has a great set of buddies. But sometimes, oooh, they don’t make great decisions. First, they brought home yearbooks, which unfortunately had been defaced with permanent markers. They had circled their friends, X-ed out their sisters, and written “idiot” next to various kids. They got an earful for that poor decision. Second, my neighbor Stephanie informed me the boys had been peeing in our neighbors’ yards. Finally, when I was making dinner, Stephanie called to say that while the boys were playing baseball, Gavin had accidentally swung his bat into a neighbors’ car. Dang boys!

I went outside, shooed Megan in to watch the little boys, and walked Gavin over to the neighbor’s house. Sure enough, there was a dime-sized spot where the paint had been chipped. We told the neighbor what had happened and thankfully, when we showed him, he bent down and put his hand on Gavin’s shoulder. “Tell you what. Promise never to do it again.” Hallelujah. It was an older car with a “student driver” sign in the windshield, so I think that helped, but I also would not have been surprised if he had said, “Okay, I’ll send you the bill.” And Gavin would have been working it off all summer.

Although I was relieved, I was slightly disappointed Gavin escaped some natural consequences. I told him to stay out of the neighbor’s yard, and he said, “But Mom, that’s our on deck circle.” “Then stand over there.” “That’s the first base line.” “Then over there.” “That’s the third base line.”

That’s when I wanted to shake him and say, Dude! Do you realize what just happened? That mistake could have cost hundreds of dollars and you are super lucky we have a nice neighbor. I didn’t shake him but I did say all that.

I foresee a lot of these experiences in my future.




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