Father’s Day Weekend

Early Saturday morning Christopher went to the lake, then came home to take Megan to the Daddy-Daughter 15-mile bike ride at Marymoor Park. While they were having fun, I took the boys on a hike, because I needed them to run around in the woods and wear themselves out. We didn’t last long (40 minutes) but I’m glad I got to check out Soaring Eagle Park. It’s near my house (two miles) and has an endless number of trails. As anticipated, there were plenty of people hiking/biking/running, so I asked someone to teach me how to read the posted trail maps. Otherwise, we may have gotten lost.



When Christopher and Megan got home I ran errands with Megan. It was all we could do to make it home with a rotisserie chicken in time for dinner. After getting the little boys in bed and cleaning up it was all Christopher and I could do to fall in front of the TV in a stupor. We watched the first two episodes of Twin Peaks (circa 1990), because it was filmed in nearby North Bend.

Father’s Day was another beautiful day. The kids helped me make breakfast to serve Christopher in bed. Ben cracked the eggs, Gavin picked out the shells, and Megan made a fruit salad. I made bacon and croissant french toast. Everyone enjoyed it. While I cleaned up the kids enjoyed the perfect backyard-in-pajamas morning. Then the kids gave Christopher the presents they had made for him at school and Scouts. Church followed, then lunch, naps, dinner, and more time outside. Logan was super crabby after his nap. A warm rain shower enticed the kids to play. And after getting the little boys in bed and cleaning up, we are once again exhausted.

IMG_8652 IMG_8653 IMG_8656

IMG_8666 IMG_8674 IMG_8678 IMG_8683




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