Summer Fun

And our summer is chugging right along. Right after my 1000th post Christopher and I both came down with a nasty cold and were in bed for a week. It was definitely survival mode around here for a little while.

Now back on our feet, we are continuing to enjoy our summer. I expected to have a lot more structure, both with our daily schedule and our fun outings, but it’s not working out as I had planned. Although Ben is up around 7 a.m., Logan is still sleeping until almost 9, and I unfortunately stay in bed as long as I can. By the time I get up, the big kids are wired up with sugary cereal and TV and everyone is still in PJ’s. It takes us until 11 to get out the door and lunch and naps are just around the corner.

Still, we are having lots of fun. Park trips, lake swims, bike rides. The LDS MBA association had a beach party. Ben took a Seattle Tilth garden class. I have had to lower my expectations exponentially every time we leave the house, because we never last long. Ben pushes Logan in the lake. Gavin splits his chin on a metal bar. Someone is always hot, tired, hungry, or ornery.

But we keep at it. The other morning Christopher went into work late, so we took a family bike ride in the morning. It probably took us an hour to get the bikes on the back of the car, everyone in sunscreen and helmets, and drive to Marymoor Park. We packed a bag with water and granola bars and a first aid kit. We rode for a mile and stopped at a playground. Logan filled his diaper. Suddenly everyone was starving. We headed back to the car and called it a day.

I find myself often jealous of friends with older kids. No naps, no diapers, no toddler tantrums. But then I snuggle my babies and realize it’s only a moment. Another summer at a preschool pace.


HappyNest visit – he found this costume and wore it the entire time!


Getting to know the new girl

20130722_104003 20130722_103157 IMG_8831 IMG_8848 IMG_8852 IMG_8860 IMG_8862 IMG_8865 IMG_8879


Seattle Tilth class

2013-07-20 18.59.53 (1)

Check out the missing Keen, Caitlin!

IMG_20130710_104833 IMG_20130715_121855 (1) IMG_20130724_125546 IMG_20130724_190120 IMG_20130724_192320 20130724_184450


7 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. To say that it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one who is in the thick of it with the kids (meltdowns, trying to meet everyone’s needs, etc.) is an understatement. But it really is, because most days feel like a constant struggle and it doesn’t feel like I’m doing it “right.” But it is a normal thing for this time of or lives and maybe I’m not so abnormal as I feel.

  2. Yep, we will miss it one day. Although, I flew to Seattle for 2 weeks without bottles or a stroller. That was a first! Now I have them all starting school on Monday, except for Tanner and I know my house is going to be so so empty. Not sure what we will do all day for 5 days. We will miss them like crazy!

  3. Most times getting out of the house is more trouble than it’s worth with young kids, but sometimes it actually works so we just keep going šŸ™‚

  4. I am trying so hard to enjoy this stage, but having a baby is so hard! I feel like I am tied to me house and he is tied to my boob šŸ™‚ I guess we just need to realize that there will be a time where we long for them to be babies again.

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