Birthday boy – Logan turns TWO!

Logan began his birthday with Daddy’s chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, followed by a quick photo shoot and presents. His smocked birthday outfit from last year fits him better this year, as he transformed from a chubby non-walker to a speedy slim toddler.

At two, Logan is finally starting to communicate better and scream less. He’s super affectionate and slightly aggressive. His favorite activity is still “cooking” on his play kitchen, and he’ll insist you sit while he serves you stewed eggplant and bananas with a side of pretzels and salsa.

He’s a champ of a sleeper, rarely wakes during his 12-13 hour stretch, but lately he’s been giving us trouble at bedtime, probably disrupted by our vacation. He loves water and swimming; he can climb but hasn’t figured out how not to fall; and just like his brother, he runs away without looking back. He eats everything, but at his whim and leisure, like a typical two-year-old. One day a particular food is his favorite, the next it goes straight to the floor.

He sometimes asks to “watch TV show” but is content without it (unlike our other couch potatoes). He might be our first preschooler who will actually sit and play with toys. He’s still highly attached, but not just to Mom, but also Dad, Megan, Gavin, and Allison. He will easily let Megan or Gavin babysit him, but screams in the church nursery with the sweet ladies he’s known for 6+ months. And every time he sees a phone, he asks to “talk Poppy”.

He’s sweet and feisty and endearing and frustrating all in one. We love our Logie Bear and are excited he’s two.

IMG_9138 IMG_9143 IMG_9145 IMG_9150 IMG_9172 IMG_9174 IMG_9179 IMG_9183 IMG_9192 IMG_9193 IMG_9195 IMG_9199


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