Allison – Week One

At the beginning of the summer Allison mentioned casually that she missed her babies and wished she could visit. When I found out she had a two-week break from school, I told Christopher we had to fly her out. After we got back from vacation I had three more weeks of summer, and I knew having her help for two of those would make this summer survivable memorable!

Allison flew in last Sunday and all four kids wanted to ride to the airport to pick her up. I took Gavin and Ben with me. Ben wanted Allison to sit in the back with him, and she did.

It’s been non-stop fun ever since. Monday we stayed home and the kids played outside. Gavin had a meltdown in the evening that started with a little splinter in his foot and ended with such violent screaming (when I held him down and squeezed it out) I thought someone might call the cops. When he calmed down he wished for some alone time with Mom and Dad, and we decided we’d give each of the kids a date while Allison was in here. We took Gavin out that very night to Yogurtland, gave him some undivided attention, and on the way home gave him a big talk we had been putting off for six months for lack of alone time. Unlike Megan, he had no questions.

Tuesday we went to Vasa Park Resort and had a blast. Having Allison there meant we actually had a fun and safe time! There was a large floating dock with two waterslides and two diving boards, and as soon as we got there Ben swam over and went down the slides about five times, then jumped off the diving board as many times. With Allison watching Logan I could keep an eye on him, and then even go with him. We all swam, and built some sand castles, and ate all the Farrow’s snacks (our friends who were there with us) instead of our own, and played on the playground. It was a great morning. That evening after dinner Christopher and I took Ben on his Mommy-Daddy date. I knew he would request ice cream cones from McDonald’s, and that’s what he got.

20130813_122135 20130813_112850 20130813_112911


Wednesday I offered to keep the three Olsen boys because their mom is on modified bed rest until their little sister arrives on Tuesday. The boys–9, 6, and 3–are incredibly well-behaved, but it was still a lot of boys. Megan bailed and went to Alice’s house. They walked to a carnival at a nearby neighborhood. At one point three more neighbor boys showed up and we had nine in the backyard. My new neighbors, Bob and Diana, who are always in their backyard gardening, must wonder what in the world is going on over here. I’ll tell you–a trampoline and Otter Pops. Boy heaven. Allison was sweet enough to take Ben for an hour or so to the farmer’s market. And even with eight boys still at my house, minus Ben it was downright peaceful.

After our day of boys, Allison and I bailed and headed to a church-sponsored Girls’ Night Out at the Beatty’s house on the lake. Just our luck, as soon as we got there it got chilly and drizzly. We moved all the food inside, but a few of us adventurous souls went on the lake anyway. The air was cool (probably high 60s) but the water was warm, and I and three friends went paddleboarding across the lake. When we got back to shore, I dove in, and some others, including Allison, followed me. It was a lot of fun.

I have no idea what we did Thursday, but I think it involved Allison going to Costco. That night we went to a baby shower for Jen Olsen, and picked up Logan’s birthday tricycle off craiglist.

Friday the kids were getting grumpy again so we took a quick trip to Pine Lake. The trip was relatively uneventful but I think my favorite part was that Gavin didn’t want to go, and wouldn’t put on his swimsuit, but Megan packed it “just in case”. He changed soon after we got there. Friday night Megan got her Mom-Dad date to YoPlateau. We ate a lot of ice cream this week.

IMG_20130816_115605 IMG_20130816_115023

Saturday we celebrated Logan’s birthday! In the evening Christopher and I went on a date to celebrate our anniversary. We got dressed up and headed to the temple. When we pulled into the empty parking lot we remembered it was closed for several weeks for cleaning/repairs. When I didn’t want to see a movie and Christopher didn’t want to see a play or jazz show, we ended up at a empty field flying a remote control airplane, followed by dessert at Coho. It was relaxing.

Sunday was a good day at church, and only three girls from my Sunday school class were in town, which made for a peaceful day in Primary. I’m sad to say we had leftovers for dinner, but we enjoyed a nice evening at the park flying airplanes and checking out the deer and blackberries.

IMG_20130818_185350 IMG_20130818_190250 IMG_20130818_190933


3 thoughts on “Allison – Week One

  1. If only Allison liked my kids as much as yours! Sounds like a good week. Has Gavin never asked about where babies come from? We have already had the talk with Atticus because he was curious, but he didn’t really get it yet. And once he found our condoms and we told him those keep us from having another baby and he was so puzzled.

    • Of course Allison loves your kids as much. I just pay to fly her out here. And Gavin wasn’t curious at all! I suspect Ben will get the talk much earlier than 8 1/2.

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