The Last Hurrah

The last week of our summer vacation was kind of a bust. We were supposed to spend a few nights at Lake Chelan but Ben got sick and Christopher got busy at work (but yay for a promotion!) so we cancelled the trip. Instead, we stayed at home and tried to keep sane during the. last. week.

Some things we DID do: installed some Benny-proof locks on the exterior doors. Moved Logan into Ben’s room. We finally have our bathroom back, and after a brief adjustment period they seem to be sharing just fine. Ben and Gavin actually started playing together. Ben finally got interested in Legos, and it’s nice to see him engaging in a non-digital activity that requires him to sit still.

Labor Day Christopher spent most of the day working in the yard. I wanted to go on a family hike but neither he nor Gavin wanted to go, so I left them at home (and Christopher put Gavin to work, so he probably wished he had gone on the hike) with Logan and the rest of us went hiking. There’s a cool park about a mile from us with miles and miles of trails. You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere but you are surrounded by neighborhoods, so I feel like it’s a pretty safe place to take the kids. During parts of our hike we felt quite secluded, but at intersections of the trail we passed lots of dog walkers and mountain bikers. There are also at least six (that I know of) geocaches hidden throughout the park, and we managed to find one. We’ll have to go back and find the others another time. Megan and I started to tire and turned back towards the car, but Benny Boy was still going strong. He could have hiked for twice as long, easily, and we were gone about an hour and a half.

20130902_112127 20130902_111320

My favorite activity of the week was a group visiting teaching. Three friends and I took paddle boards out to the middle of Pine Lake one evening. Then we lay on our boards, watched the sky darken, and commiserated. It was the last week of summer, after all.

P.S. We watched a lot of football on Saturday. When I asked the kids who they were rooting for in the BYU/Virginia game, Megan and Gavin couldn’t decide, and Ben said, “South Carolina.” Apparently the BYU indoctrination isn’t going very well.


2 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. We did it. We might have limped across the finish line but we survived it with everyone still alive 🙂 !! Once the school routine settles in a week or two, we will have to celebrate!

    I loved our group visiting teaching night. You described it perfectly! I have a feeling I will look back on that evening with very fond memories for many years to come.

    Good luck with the first day of school tomorrow! Let’s hope our families stay relatively healthy this year!

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