Ben’s first three days

Right now I’m blogging at 9:36, while all three big kids are at school and Logan is still snoozing away. After a week and a half of being constantly woken up by big brother, Logan decided to ignore the morning din and enjoy his sleep.

Monday was Ben’s first day of school. He seemed nervous and scowled for pictures, but when the bus pulled in front of our house he didn’t hesitate to get on. His morning bus driver is Miss Cindy. She strapped him in like a fighter pilot, and they were off. Logan and I immediately headed to run errands. We stopped at Old Navy and bought some much-needed clothes for the boys. We took Megan’s violin to get a string fixed that I broke when I tried to tune it like a guitar (they showed me the correct way to do it). We got home and still had hours to do laundry and play before Ben arrived home at noon. It’s a pretty good deal. The neighbor girl, Farida, is also in his class, so the bus picks her up right before Ben. She’s in the class because they’re Egyptian and speak only Arabic at home. In fact, I think there are quite a few ESL kids in the preschool, and other than children with marked disabilities, Ben might be one of the more special needs kids in there. I was worried we were taking resources from someone who might need it more, but now I feel better about it.

Monday afternoon was a bustle of playing outside, taking Megan to swim team practice, and getting dinner ready. Gavin’s homework takes him about 30 seconds, and he’s not interested in more of a challenge. All he wants is to play outside with his friends, and in third grade I’m cool with that. Especially because he loves to read. He also has been spending more time with Ben, which I love.

Tuesday Ben went to school great again, and even smiled for a few pictures when I told him Grammy and Poppy were really looking forward to seeing his Back-to-School pictures. Logan and I went to Open Play at the nearby Lutheran church. It shouldn’t be difficult keeping Logan busy with his siblings in school. In fact, I think he relishes the pace (his) and attention.

Wednesday Ben does not have school in the morning. Next week, though, he’ll start preschool #2 and go three afternoons a week. I’m interested to see how the schedule works out. Especially because he is giving up his naps. Monday he came home from his first day of school and slept hard. Tuesday and Wednesday he didn’t even blink at nap time. He and Logan chatted in their beds until Logan fell asleep and Ben came out saying, “Do I really have to take a nap?”

Wednesday morning I took both boys to the church for Zumba. Ben was actually surprisingly good, only harassing the younger kids two or three times. Logan, on the other hand, screamed for a solid thirty minutes. I exercised a little, then held him, back and forth for a while. I was thinking I should leave and join and gym, and then I thought, No! This kid is two years old, he can handle playing NEXT to me instead of WITH me for an hour. I asked the other moms (there were about five of them) if his crying bothered them. The music was loud so it wasn’t terribly obvious, but they gave me a few concerned looks. I assured them he wasn’t sick, he wasn’t injured, and I was fine. He was just being a stinker because I wasn’t giving him undivided attention. By the end, he was playing happily, it just took him a while to get used to the new environment. Silly sensitive kids.

Wednesday afternoon temperatures soared to a record 93 degrees. Gavin’s friend Brandon invited him to the lake. Gavin’s really lucky one of his best buds in an only child, because gets to do all kinds of fun stuff with him. I dropped Megan and her best friend Alice off at swim team and took the little boys to the sprayground, where we stayed until almost six before grabbing a pizza for dinner and meeting Megan at home. Megan arranged for Alice to do swim team the same days as her so we can carpool. Love these smart kids.

Today, Thursday, Ben decided he didn’t not want to go to school, but stay home and play Legos instead. When Cindy arrived and Ben was already screaming, “I don’t want to go to school!” I asked, “So what’s the protocol?” She said, “Oh, you can just bring him on.” So I carried Ben on the bus, kicking and screaming, and helped strap him in his seat. “You can play Legos as soon as you get home. Have fun at school!” I said brightly.

Cindy kind of smiled and said, “Don’t worry, he’ll calm down in a few blocks.” But I wasn’t worried about him, I was worried about her. Because if there’s anything I know, he won’t calm down in a few blocks. Hopefully, in spite of himself, he’ll have a good third day at school.

*** Here are just a few pictures. My picture-editing computer is on the fritz, so I’ll have to put the rest of them up when it’s fixed.

13 09 09_0109 13 09 08_0130


5 thoughts on “Ben’s first three days

  1. It’s so fun to hear more about the kids’ personalities. I’m glad you have some time with one kid. What am I going to do with 3 at home again??

  2. I love his blue-striped shirt. So colorful. I was walking through the kids’ clothes at Target searching for a cool new t-shirt for Atticus (unsuccessfully) and noticed ALL the boy clothes were hunter green, navy and grey. BORING, SO BORING. And all the girl clothes were frilly and stupidly pink with these little short shorts and skirts for 1-yr-olds but I can’t find boy shorts for Atticus that don’t go way past his knees. What IS UP??!

    Both my kids are loving school, I need to blog about it too. Thanks for updating!

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