First week of double preschool

Last Saturday was our annual ward salmon bake, possibly the most fun we have all year. We went out on Jason’s boat again, and while Christopher went wakeboarding and surfing, it was too cold for this South Carolina girl to get in the water. I loved being on the boat, though. We used a new babysitter, a high school student in the neighborhood, and she seemed to do a good job, in spite of the boys.

2013-09-14 17.47.59 2013-09-14 18.59.02

Sunday flew by and Monday was Ben’s first day of “double preschool”. He missed the bus (transportation moved his pickup time five minutes earlier and failed to notify us), and when I dropped him off he pitched a fit. I started second-guessing this whole school thing. But he was smiling when I picked him up, happy when I dropped him off at preschool #2, and pleasantly exhausted when I picked him up again. Monday afternoon was swimming for Megan, and playing outside, and family night.

Tuesday Ben just had morning preschool and Logan and I went to open play with some other friends. In the afternoon all three of us fell sound asleep. After school I dropped Megan at activity days, Christopher took all three boys to a pack meeting, and I once again dropped Megan at the library for her writing class while I went to Curriculum Night #1 at the middle school. I listened to five different teachers say, “Email is the best way to reach me and check the class website.” I was impressed with all Megan’s teachers; I think she’ll have a great year.

Wednesday Ben and Logan and I played outside in the morning. Ben’s friend Carter is now in his afternoon preschool class, so we’re carpooling, and just before lunch Jenn picked up Ben and took him to school.

2013-09-18 11.23.04 2013-09-18 11.33.44

A few hours later, Gavin was home, and I picked up Ben and Carter from school. I dropped Megan at swimming and when she got home, I left her alone with the boys for 45 minutes (Christopher had flown to Dallas) while I went to Curriculum Night #2, this time for Gavin’s class. His teacher is definitely still figuring things out, and I’m already getting concerned about the slow start. His math work, for example, has been way too easy, and I’m not sure if it’s the teacher or new Common Core standards.

Thursday was another morning-only preschool day for Ben, and he did a good job getting on the bus. I got a ton of stuff done around the house; Logan is my first kid to be content to play beside me while I work. It’s a refreshing change. Thursday afternoon was spent at the new neighborhood playground.


Thursday evening was Curriculum Night #3, this time for Ben. I was one of only three parents to show up, and I’m glad I did. I volunteered to be the party organizer for the class, mainly because there are only three parties during the year. After visiting the school, I ran home, got all three boys to bed, and ducked back out to an informal girls’ night/baby shower. We ate cheesecake and brownies and chatted about our crazy weeks (I was not the only one with three Curriculum Nights in a row). Megan was reading in her bed when I got home, and she wasn’t feeling well. I was sad she was sick but super happy I could trust her to babysit. Being able to leave her for an hour at a time makes a huge difference with Christopher traveling.

Friday was a rough morning. My phone died (and with it the alarm), but luckily Ben woke me up 15 minutes before Megan had to leave for her bus. Megan was sleeping soundly through her alarm, but when I woke her up she rallied (in spite of a sore throat) and made it to the bus no problem. Gavin, on the other hand, complained of a sore throat until I said, “Fine, you can stay home,” although I knew it was more boredom than a sore throat keeping him home. I really need to email his teacher.

Ben went off to school, and Logan and I left Gavin at home and headed to the church for Zumba. Logan refused to let me exercise so we bailed and headed to Costco and the library before come home to Gavin watching Harry Potter on the couch. I shooed him back to his bed with a directive that he could watch the movies after he reads the books. We ate lunch and I put Logan to bed. My friend Jenn is taking care of getting Ben from preschool 1 to preschool 2, so now on Mondays and Fridays I have a full six hours or so without worrying about driving. While Logan was sleeping I got some work done, then went for a “run”. Having Gavin home was great. I took a quick shower in time to pick up Ben and Carter. Friday afternoon was spent at the new neighborhood playground, although Gavin did not get to participate. Miraculously, he was feeling fine at 4:00. I told him if he says he’s sick, he stays in bed for the day. If he had told me he didn’t want to go to school because he was bored, I might still let him stay home, in addition to figuring out how we can make school challenging for him.

IMG_20130921_140317 IMG_20130921_140035 IMG_20130921_140113 IMG_20130921_140150(1)

When it started to get dark we ate leftovers for dinner, got ready for bed, and were playing in the playroom when Christopher walked in the door. It was great to have Daddy home. Our weekend kicked off with a service project (Christopher, Megan, and Gavin attended), another trip to the new playground, and relaxing at home with football on TV. I love Fall.


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