The Week I Almost Burned the House Down

Monday all the kids were back in school and instead of going to Zumba I just strapped Logan in the stroller and walked around the neighborhood. We had to stop at the park, of course. Around lunchtime we went visiting teaching, and then it was time for naps, and Megan to get home, and preschool pick up, and swimming, and dinner, baths, and Family Night.

IMG_20130923_181238 IMG_20130924_124913

Tuesday Logan was still sleeping when I got the big kids off to school. He ate a leisurely breakfast and I decided we’d skip playgroup. At 10:30 I put a pot of brown rice on the stove for my lunch. While I was waiting for it to boil I got Logan dressed. Of course, as soon as he’s dressed he says, “Bye-bye car!” I checked the clock and thought, okay, we’ll just go to playgroup for an hour. I grabbed the diaper bag and we drove the mile up the road to the Lutheran church. My friend Laura was leaving the gym and joined me at playgroup. At 11:30 I said, “Hey, come over to our house for lunch.” I walked in and the entire house was filled with smoke and every smoke detector was blaring. I didn’t even know what happened until I walked into the kitchen and saw the pot of rice, now a smoking lump of charcoal.

Thank goodness Laura was there. She kept Logan and Asher out in the front yard while I opened every window and turned the house fan on. I put the pot on the back patio (later in the trash). The house fan worked great sucking all the smoke out, and the alarms went off within a few minutes. I could not believe I had done that. Three days later, the house still smelled a little like a campfire, but thankfully there was no damage. Like a stomach virus or head lice, it’s now just a good excuse to deep clean everything. That afternoon Ben took a nap, which was a nice break. He’s now down to napping once or twice a week.


Wednesday I ran errands with the little boys, then dropped Ben off late at preschool. In the afternoon we played and Gavin had Scouts and after I got Ben to bed I left for another baby shower. With Christopher working insane hours, being able to leave Megan (and Gavin) to babysit is pretty life-changing. When I left, Ben was asleep, Megan was in the shower, and I told Gavin to watch Logan. He turned on a Super Why and went back to his book.


Thursday I watched two little boys for a swap I started. They all played really nicely and I’m excited to have a free morning next week. After Ben got home from school, I tried to lay down with him, and woke up an hour later. Ben had left me snoozing and gone to watch TV. We enjoyed a sunny afternoon at the new playground. Ben convinced a 13-year-old to play with him for an hour, while Logan walked around and Megan climbed trees. Gavin was in his bedroom reading and playing Legos. I think he must have needed a break.

IMG_20130926_171151 IMG_20130926_171650

Friday Logan and I hit IKEA. Although he had woken up at six, I was surprised when he fell asleep just before we arrived. I tried to strap him in the Ergo but he wasn’t having that so I put him in the buggy with snacks. We hurried through the store, and when I had to check out I put him back in the Ergo and gave him an ice cream cone. We got a little messy but it was worth it.


It rained like crazy all weekend, so we were quite cooped up, but I left Saturday afternoon after lunch and was gone the rest of the day. First, I went to my friend Stephanie’s baby shower. I have shopped for so many cute baby girl gifts in the last month it almost… ALMOST…. makes me want to try for another girl. Then, I met up with Pam and we went to the General Relief Society broadcast. I thought I’d go home after, but I ended up hanging out at the Anderson’s house for hours. Lexi and I were playing guitar and listening to Spotify and Corey was showing us cool YouTube videos. I just wanted to stay there forever… but at 10:30 I went home and kissed my husband, who after taking care of the kids all day was back on his laptop working. Poor guy probably put in 80 hours last week, but I think he’s doing really well and enjoying the challenge. He is a big part of the new Expedia-Travelocity partnership and things should calm down in a few months. We stayed up until midnight, which was fine until Ben woke up at six a.m. Again. Logan sleeps in. Gavin sleeps in. We all sleep in. But not Ben. That kid is raring to go before the sun is. Sigh.

Church was nice; Shay spoke in Sacrament Meeting and Primary went well. One of my Primary kids said, “I don’t want Primary to end because I like spending time with you.” That made my day. After church I tried to make Ben take a nap because I know he was exhausted but no. That kid just doesn’t quit. Eventually, after dinner and pjs and a brief Family Night, we put him in his bed and he… came out. Then I think Megan put him to bed. I’m not sure; Gavin and I were downstairs assembling some IKEA furniture.


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