The week before General Conference

Monday was our usual busy day, with the exception that in the afternoon I bailed and went to the Hanson concert. I fed the boys early, and got them all ready for bed, and actually left the house with Gavin briefly in charge. Megan was on her way home from swimming and Christopher on his way home from work. I had a blast with Bethany, although I think Hanson probably deserves its own post.

The rest of the week flew by. On Tuesday I watched Asher. I took him and Logan to playgroup and made sure not to leave the stove on. Wednesday Megan had swimming again and Gavin had Scouts. Ben is doing great with the preschool schedule and I am so, so thankful I went ahead and kept him in both. Christopher is still working like crazy. On Wednesday he picked Gavin up from Scouts, and by the time they got home the little boys were both in bed. After a quick dinner Christopher was back to work, but it was nice having him home, the four of us cozy in the living room, Christopher working and the rest of us reading. I like when he’s home. Friday afternoon was the fundraiser Walk-a-Thon at the elementary school and I just couldn’t muster the energy to fight the little boys, so Gavin just stayed after school and Megan, who wanted to join her middle school friends there, rode her bike all the way to the elementary school. Pam was coming over for hair cuts anyway, so she cut Ben and Logan, then I picked up Megan and Gavin and she cut their hair, too. We have to get everyone in order for family pictures next weekend.

This weekend was General Conference and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Saturday and Sunday were almost identical. Ben up at some insane hour, like 5:30, and doing who knows what until the rest of us can muster enough energy to join him, normally about 7 or 8. A big pot of oatmeal, followed by the morning session of conference from 9-11. Then a batch of pancakes (regular on Saturday, German on Sunday) by Christopher, then playing outside until the second session of conference from 1-3. Logan napped both days, Ben just on Saturday. Pam came over Saturday at 3 and trimmed my hair. It’s all crazy today, as curly hair does not respond well to being cut, but by next weekend it should relax a bit.

Tonight I took Megan out for a photo shoot. She’s never around for me to snap photos of her. I still have to figure out the computer situation so I can get Lightroom installed again. In the meantime, here are a few from my phone this week.



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