Flu Shot Fun

Today was a typical day. Waking up to Ben kicking and chatting with me at 5-something. Alarm off at 6:30. Pull Megan out of bed, who slept through her alarm. Again. She throws on clothes, I start a pot of oatmeal. Christopher takes a quick shower and comes downstairs. We pull Gavin out of bed and read scriptures and say prayers. We have been trying hard to get back to reading family scriptures after a long summer break. Megan leaves right after 7, and Christopher soon after that. The boys watch PBS and play and eat their oatmeal. I do dishes and laundry. Logan wakes up, the oatmeal is gone but there’s still smoothie left so I scramble him some eggs to go with it. Gavin out the door, Ben on the bus, Logan watches PBS while I take a quick shower, and we head up the street to the church open play. No one I normally talk to is there so we only stay an hour. Then it’s time for Ben to get off the bus, lunch time, put Logan down. Ben won’t lay down with me. Megan comes home a little after two. We wake up Logan at 3:30, and he hates it, but we have to pick up Gavin and go to the pediatrician’s office for flu shots. Now, flu shots are only once a year, but a typical day usually includes something challenging with (or without) a handful of kids. The nurse worries about baby crying and I say (to her) I’m not worried about anyone but the eight-year-old. I say, “Oldest to youngest” but Gavin wants to go last so I just sit down with Logan and roll up his sleeve. He cries for about 30 seconds and is done. Megan sits down and rolls her sleeve up and is done. Ben sits down and rolls his sleeve up and is done. Gavin is hiding in the corner. When I say it’s his turn he breaks down. After five minutes and four people holding him down, he’s done. McDonald’s ice cream for everyone. Drop Megan at swimming. Spot full-arc rainbow over Sammamish. Gavin complains about his arm for an hour. Pick Megan up from swimming. Dinner. Indian curry in the crock pot. I like to make dinner in the crock pot because then when my kids (usually just one or two) complain they don’t like it all the work I put into it is a distant memory. Bathe little boys. Take Megan to library for creative writing class. Put boys to bed. Pick Megan up from library. Big kids in bed. Christopher finally home and we are back to work on our laptops.


The boy loves his letters


A jacket? Mom, it’s 60 degrees out here!




2 thoughts on “Flu Shot Fun

  1. I was going to comment on the crock pot line too. One more reason I like crock pot cooking, though I’d never thought of it that way! Do you guys not have the flu mist option?

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