10 Days

I can’t believe 10 days have passed since I blogged last, and so much has happened, and so little. The days are relatively mundane and tedious, yet filled with so many interesting moments.

Last weekend we took family portraits. We (I) decided to hire a professional photographer, a friend of a friend, and she took the pictures on her farm down in Maple Valley. Logan was completely uncooperative, and oddly clingy to Christopher. Ben was in usual form, hyper and rebellious but happy to smile for the promise of ice cream after the shoot. I have no idea how the pictures will turn out. It really is anyone’s guess. I will, of course, post them everywhere when I get them.

On the way home, we were heading towards the McDonald’s for ice cream, and one block from the McDonald’s we saw a Dickie’s van parked in front of a pharmacy. Christopher said, “Where’s the Dickie’s?!” and I googled it and it was right behind the pharmacy, just in Issaquah. We pulled a u-turn and got lunch, and of course lots of ice cream. It’s no Shealy’s, but it’ll do.

The week flew by, with no rain and varied temperatures. Some days were warm enough for a picnic, some cool enough for a heavy coat. Megan had volleyball and swimming. Gavin had Scouts. Ben went to school and Logan was my buddy. I started the Couch to 5K program, and it’s really fun. I made my first running playlist. I have no plans to run marathons, because I don’t have time for long distance running. But I’d like to be able to run for more than 90 seconds without almost dying. I think I’m on the right track.

Megan is rocking middle school. We have definitely had a few tough homework moments, where I wondered if we made the right choice with the multiple advanced tracks. A few times she couldn’t finish her homework (math) and I just sent her to bed and we worked on it the next day. The teachers have been understanding and Christopher has been great at explaining the math Megan has needed help with. She seems to like the violin and loves volleyball, and still swims twice a week. Alice is still her best friend, which I am grateful for.

Megan also impressed me this weekend when she was invited to a party where they were planning to watch a movie. All three choices were PG-13 and inappropriate, not just for Megan but really anyone. Megan told her friend she couldn’t watch them and suggested a few other options (Freaky Friday, The Princess Bride, and the like). Her friend emailed, “hi megan we r prob gonna watch pitch perfect and ive watched it and so has my  mom and she also says it isnt inappropriate so can u ask ur mom 2 look @ the trailer or something cuz i also think its only rated pg”. It’s not PG, and I still don’t think it’s appropriate. I explained to Megan why, and she was amazingly receptive. Megan emailed her back, “Yeah, sorry. My mom is very firm, and I’m not so sure I actually want to watch it. But my mom says I can come, and then leave when the movie starts.” I was really proud, and in the end Megan didn’t even go to the party, by choice.

Gavin has settled into school, it seems. He has no use for homework, so he does a perfunctory job and I don’t push it. While Megan is brilliant and overachieving, I can tell Gavin is brilliant and will only do enough to get by. He has better things to do, like play Minecraft and Legos with his friends. He amazed me when he read Ender’s Game in one day this week. I gave him the book around 7 p.m. and by the next morning he had read 300 pages. I said, “Gavin! How in the world did you read so much already?” He replied, “Well, I woke up at 4 a.m. and read a bunch then.” “Why did you wake up?” “Oh, I wet the bed,” he replied matter-of-factually. Since he hasn’t wet the bed in four years, I asked him if the book was too intense and that’s why he had an accident. “Oh, no,” he replied. “The book was just so exciting I didn’t want to get up and pee, and I fell asleep with a full bladder.” He also is obsessed with the NOVA series on PBS. Last night we were watching a super-cool segment on non-Newtonian fluid (oobleck!) and I patted myself on the back for banning most “children’s” TV (Disney and Nickelodeon, I’m looking at you).

And there are no words for Ben. He is so inconsistent, and I really couldn’t tell you if our parenting made him that way, or vice versa. We try everything with that kid, and what works one moment doesn’t work the next. But I have noticed baby steps of improvement. His teachers say he’s following directions and being respectful at school, so that’s a start. He continues to charm and offend strangers, depending on which Ben he presents at the moment. Last night we went to the Skyline Homecoming Parade, and he insisted on wearing a Spiderman costume. I think he entertained everyone more than the parade did. And I wish I could just record everything he says and preserve it for future generations. This morning he complained that “Gavin is antagonizing me!” He often asks us to “hold our words” so he can interrupt. And every prayer includes a “we thank Thee for our hands and our blessings” which has been interpreted as thanks for His hand in our blessings. Or it could be our hands. I mean, they are pretty important.

Logan says some cute stuff, too. His dad has taught him that he’s a “pee-uh were!” (piece of work) and a “han man!” (handsome man). He’s my first kid to consistently say “yeah maa” (yes ma’am) and when he answers in the affirmative he rarely says yes but usually answers “of course.” As in, would you like to go outside, Logan? “Uh core!” And he’s still sleeping and eating like a champ, usually. He’s cutting a few big molars so he’s been unusually cranky lately, which even for him isn’t that cranky. He’s a pretty easygoing kid. For one of our kids.

Today was Star Wars day at the library and college football. Christopher took the big kids to Puyallup to work on the new Root Beer Store Corey is opening up soon. I can’t believe the weekend is half over. I’m already tired just thinking about Monday.

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4 thoughts on “10 Days

  1. I need to talk to you sometime about Megan and the fast track. I am trying to figure that out with Claire right now and I’d love your input. I also think that Jake will be like Gavin, just wanting to have fun! The story about Ender’s Game and peeing the bed had me laughing out loud. Too too funny.

  2. Good call on Pitch Perfect! I watched it and am always SHOCKED when I think that my nieces and nephews are watching it – and other teenagers – let alone your sweet Megan!! She’s a good girl – my mom used to “make” me come home from parties for the same reason and I HATED it. So good for her for making the choice!

  3. So fun to hear all about your cute kids and everyday life. I haven’t blogged because I feel the same–mundane, yet if I don’t, I miss stuff. I think you have a better memory than me. Way to go Megan! And good parenting!

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