Pride and Prejudice, Preschool Version

Three weeks ago, Ben was reprimanded at school for being mean to Amy. Apparently she insisted on calling him Benny, that made him mad, and he told her, “I hate you.”

Two weeks ago, Ben decided that he liked Amy, because she is “funny and laughs at me.”

Last week, Ben decided that when he grows up, “Amy will be my mom. I’ll be the dad and she’ll be the mom.”

Today at the dentist, Ben selected a ring as his prize. To give Amy, so she would marry him.

Today after preschool, Ben was reprimanded for kissing Amy. Teacher Robyn said they were having a pretend wedding, she stepped into the restroom for a moment, and when she came out they were “having a kiss”.

When I told Ben we only kiss people in our family so not to do it again, Ben said, “We’re married now, and I AM going to do it again.”

And tonight, as I got him ready for bed, Ben smiled and said, “Amy is the only one who can call me Benny.”


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