Megan Turns 11!

Like most of Megan’s birthdays, it seemed like she had already been 11. Maybe because she skipped a grade, or maybe it’s because she’s so mature, but Megan turning 11 seemed like a natural step. (Unlike Gavin and Ben’s upcoming birthdays. Seems like they have been 8 and 4 forever and always will be.)

Megan’s golden birthday, turning 11 on December 11th, fell on a Wednesday. Most days she is off to school around 7 a.m., but Wednesdays is late-start day so she doesn’t have to leave until 9:30. We enjoyed a leisurely morning with her requested breakfast: custard-filled donuts, French toast, and bacon. She also opened her presents from her parents and grandparents. All four kids happened to be in last year’s Christmas pajamas, so we took some cute pictures. The pajamas still fit every kid except Ben, who has grown not one but two sizes in twelve months.

IMG_0101 IMG_0105-2 IMG_0106 IMG_0108 IMG_0114 IMG_0118 IMG_0119

Despite the birthday breakfast, gifts, and special treatment from her friends at school, Megan thought the day was kind of ordinary so her daddy took her out to frozen yogurt after dinner.

THEN… Friday we had a party at the house. Every year I say we’ll skip a year with her birthday parties, and we always end up having a party because no matter where we live, she always finds the cutest friends and I like having them over and getting to know them. And she made it easy on me. She sent out the evite, now that all her friends have email addresses. I picked up some Papa Murphy’s pizza. I made some cupcakes, although they didn’t turn out well and I should have just bought some or let the girls eat all the other junk we had. I picked up a movie from Redbox.

When the girls arrived we ate pizza, then played the Ultimate Party Trivia Challenge, which was a game I made up the day of the party. It included Jeopardy-like trivia questions, and out of 20 questions there was not a single one they couldn’t answer. Questions like, “Who is the Greek god of music?” or “What color are Mickey Mouse’s shorts?” or “What’s another name for Polaris?” Among the questions were “physical challenges”, which were basically minute-to-win-it type games. Pick up penne pasta with a spaghetti noodle in your mouth. Move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. Pick up M&Ms with a straw and move them to a different plate. We had three teams and I think the girls had a lot of fun. When we finished, Megan opened her gifts, and when she discovered someone had given her Apples to Apples everyone wanted to play it. They named me the permanent judge and we played that for a while. By that time, two hours had passed and we turned on the movie until the moms came an hour or so later. Everyone left happy and hyper and full of sugary snacks.

IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0138 IMG_0143

We love Megan so much and are happy that she’s thriving in middle school, with a great group of friends. She continues to be a huge help at home and is getting closer to being our regular babysitter. It was easy to spoil her on her birthday weekend because she works so hard, both in school and at home.


3 thoughts on “Megan Turns 11!

  1. Sounds like a great party. I wish Megan was here to be friends with my William. I can’t believe how diverse that group is. Awesome!

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