Hunkering down

Instead of traveling or even leaving the house this second week of vacation, we have seemed to hunker down in our chaotic world of children. Between Ben waking up at 5:30 and Logan wanting to sleep in until 9:30, it leaves little flexibility in our schedule. So we’ve been doing what we do best: cooking and eating.

Yesterday, Sunday, all three boys woke up at 5:30. Just wrong. Logan was easy enough: after a diaper change and quick snack, he went back to bed until 10. Ben and Gavin, on the other hand, would not go back to bed. We told them they could watch “Jesus movies” (we have a collection of scripture DVDs and play as long as they left us alone. The next time I woke up was to a phone call around 7 a.m. from the King County Sheriff’s Office. They had received a 911 call. Ben said, “I didn’t dial 911. I dialed 91147.” We made him go back to bed as punishment, but again, he didn’t fall back asleep. Eventually we all got up and ready for church. When I got Logan out of his crib at 10, and said, “Are you ready for church?” He said, “Oh yeah!” I’m so happy that kid finally loves nursery. After a fun day at church and one last day with my group of very wiggly 10-year-olds, we came home and changed in our pj’s in about five minutes. I had made a cranberry-cream cheese dip and we ate that with whole wheat crackers, along with Chex Mix and oranges, for lunch. We put all three boys down for a nap, and I crawled in my bed, but Christopher went in that kitchen and cooked up a storm. He made a huge pot of borscht and vareniki (Russian food) and invited a family from our ward over for dinner, then a pumpkin pie AND cinnamon rolls and invited another family over for dessert. So we just had a little party and the kids ran around and wore themselves out.

This morning Ben was up early again but thankfully no more 911 calls. We wondered why our house was so cold (60 degrees) and realized that our heat wasn’t working. Luckily the repairman was able to come quickly and $522 later the broken electrical panel that connects the ignitor to the blower was replaced. The night before I had bemoaned our status as renters and this morning I was thankful once again for being one. I went for a run and the kids had breakfast, and we just spent another day hunkered down. I made vegetable soup and homemade wheat bread and Christopher worked on cheese sauce from scratch after Gavin requested mac & cheese for lunch. Speaking of Gavin, he was assigned some work in the yard. A job that could have taken maybe 30 minutes, at the most. He wasn’t allowed to come inside until it was done. He ended up staying outside for a good six hours, until the sun went down. Crying mostly, but sometimes just sitting there, stubborn. I told Christopher it’s kind of sad, like breaking a wild horse, but Christopher said, “Wouldn’t you rather break him than let the world do it? Or, would you rather break him at 8 or 15?” And I know he’s right. Gavin was dressed warmly and just fine, but he literally spent his entire day moping on our back porch because he didn’t want to rake a small section of the yard. 

In the afternoon my friends stopped by and were like, “Hey, we’re going to lunch, come with us!” And I was like, “Um, okay.” I was still in my scrubby workout clothes from that morning, and had already eaten lunch, but I went and got dessert and had fun.

During the last hour of daylight I put the little boys’ Bogs and coats on over their pajamas and let them run around the cul-de-sac. Ben LOVES his new Razor trike. 


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