2014 So Far…

Phew. We began the New Year with our usual dose of temerity. New Year’s Eve Christopher and I left the kids at home and went to a NY NYE party at the church. Everyone else brought their kids, and Megan and Gavin would have had fun, but we wanted them to babysit so we could put the little boys to bed and actually enjoy ourselves. Next year perhaps we can take the whole family. We got home just after 9 p.m. and Corey, Pam, and Casey came over. Christopher and I played a game of Rook with Corey and Casey while Pam watched a movie, and then we watched the midnight fireworks at the Space Needle. Megan refused to go to bed until midnight and came downstairs around 11:45 so she could celebrate with us.

New Years Day we watched football and cooked up a storm. The Carls came over to share our meal. We ate plenty of collards and black eyed peas. And pie.

IMG_0285 IMG_0288

The rest of the week was spent keeping the kids entertained. We decided it was easier and cheaper to just stay home than try to battle the little boys in public. The kids still had their Christmas toys, there were plenty of good football games on TV, and the weather was nice enough to shoo them outside. But most of the time we were LAZY.


IMG_0300 IMG_0299 IMG_0297

We did things like deep clean Megan’s room. We had three bags of giveaway and two of trash. I seriously don’t know where this girl gets all this stuff, but her room is nice and clean now!


Then our lovely vacation was over and it was back to the grind. School started, and swim team and Scouts. Gavin had his Pinewood Derby. He finished 2nd, 4th, 1st, and 2nd in his heats, and 7th overall in the Wolf Pack, which had about 15 boys. He was happy.

That weekend Christopher and I partied hard. Leaving Megan to babysit for the first time that we left the plateau, we went bowling in Kirkland. The next night, we went to the 40th birthday party for our friend Greg, and it was a great party, complete with a band. We really enjoyed getting out, and Megan did a great job getting her little brothers to bed.


2014-01-11 21.37.43

That weekend I also took Megan to a babysitting training course at a hospital in Seattle from 9-4. While she was in class I went shopping with Holly and Hank. I needed some new clothes and Holly was a perfect consultant. 

Some other big changes in the last two weeks…

Ben has developed a LEGO obsession, and I couldn’t be happier. He and Gavin (and often Megan) will play with their Legos for hours, inventing fun games and battles. Ben still has a long way to go, but I think (think!) he is maturing.

Logan, on the other hand, went from being sweet, docile toddler to troublemaker in a week. Over Christmas break, people commented on how calm and sweet he was. Then, he ran a fever for a day or two, and when he got better, he was a different kid. Tantrums and general mischief. He pitched fits at playgroup because he wanted a toy another kid had, even if there was an identical toy available. Similarly, I’ll offer him and Benjamin an identical breakfast, but Ben will have the purple plate and Logan green. Logan will demand purple, and when I say no, dump his entire breakfast on the floor. You know, that kind of trouble. I’m glad I enjoyed the quiet while it lasted.

In other news, we are in the middle of preparing two homes (Maple Valley and Charlottesville) for sale! Hopefully we can get both sold by the summer and be debt-free. Then, we can look at what’s left and decide what the next step is.

Finally, poor Christopher has been driving a car without heat for months. Our 1995 Camry is on its last leg I’m afraid, and he had been looking for something for awhile. For Christmas, our neighbors got two brand new Nissan Leafs (Leaves?), and I rode in one. When Crystal said “$0 down, $200 a month”, I knew it was something worth considering. There are lots of benefits to owning an electric car in Seattle, so Christopher went down to the dealership. He wasn’t able to get the exact deal, because they used some Microsoft employee credit plus some December deals, but eight hours later, with his signature mad negotiating skills, Christopher walked out of there with a darn good deal. With no money down. So we are now the proud owners (leasers?) of a brand new electric car. Who knew?


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