A day in the life of Ben

Sometimes I don’t want to remember Ben in this stage, but here are a few gems, and let me tell you, they are typical. 

His day started at 2 a.m. He had moved to his pallet on our floor, and kept asking me questions. Honestly, I can’t tell you now what they were about, but they kept coming. I’m sure I shushed him at some point and went back to bed, but I do remember waking up at 3:30 and hearing noise. He was downstairs watching a documentary on Typhoon Haiyan. He informed me that he had eaten four cookies. He wanted to eat six, but was full after four.

I put him in his bed and forbade him from moving until 6 a.m. After being up and about in the night, I assumed he might sleep in a bit. On the contrary, he walked out of him room at 6 a.m. on the dot with a loud, “It’s six!”

I enjoyed some peace during his 2 1/2 hours at school. He declares every morning that school is “so boring”, but he comes home happy enough so I try not to worry too much. 

After lunch and putting Logan down for a nap, he decided he wanted to play chess. This was new. We spent the next two hours playing the game, then watching videos on how to play. Then I set him up against the computer and had a blissful twenty-minute power nap until Logan woke up. 

The sun was shining so we went outside, as Megan and Gavin came home from school. Ben looked like a Tasmanian devil on his big wheel, and although he was good enough to share it with the neighbor, he did purposefully stomp on flowers I had asked him not to, and repeatedly called another neighbor boy a “cheater”, who oddly enough wasn’t even playing a game with him.

He ate a good dinner, which of course is always hit or miss, and after baths we read some books. I was going to put him to bed and then pick up Grammy from the airport, but I decided to take him in the car with me. Logan is easy enough for Megan and Gavin to babysit. Ben managed to stay awake during the 80 minute round trip, and let Grammy tuck him in without a fuss.

Hopefully his day will not start at 2 a.m. again, but with Ben, you never know.


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