Ben Turns Five + Grammy Comes to Town!

My mom flew into town Thursday night. Ben and I picked her up from the airport. We started her visit with a bang by throwing Ben a birthday party. We invited his entire preschool class (12 kids total) and every single kid RSVP’d yes. Many parents also planned on staying, some with younger siblings. I offered parents the option to leave but the moms seemed to be excited to socialize outside drop-off/pick-up. We ended up with 12 preschoolers, three toddlers, eight moms, and a Grammy.

I had planned quite a few party games (Hullabaloo, hot potato, etc.) but I found that the moms were so loud the kids could hardly hear my directions. In the end, we had snacks and cupcakes, opened gifts, and then the kids just played. They are used to being in school together three days a week, so they played really well together. I think overall the party was a success.

IMG_0339-2 IMG_0341 IMG_0342-2 IMG_0343 IMG_0345 IMG_0350 IMG_0356 IMG_0363 IMG_0368

Saturday Christopher and I took the kids to clean the church while Grammy watched Logan. After lunch Christopher stayed home with Logan while the rest of us saw Frozen at the new Issaquah theater. The movie tickets and popcorn were courtesy of my grandma Gigi. We loved the movie!

2014-01-25 15.33.54 2014-01-25 15.34.21

Sunday was Ben’s big day. I first heard him crying at 5 a.m. because Christopher told him it was too early to open presents. At seven, we finally got up, let the kids eat Cocoa Puffs as a special breakfast, and opened Ben’s gifts. He got a DS game and $10 from Gavin, $20 from Gigi, $5 from Great-Grandma Carroll, superhero underwear from Megan, socks from Logan, and the biggest, coolest Star Wars Lego set from his grandparents. His eyes were wide as he checked it out, and the kids finally have a Lego set that will take them more than a day to build. I love, love Legos, because they seem to be the activity that Megan, Gavin, and Ben can always agree on. And kids playing nicely = a happy house.

IMG_0379 IMG_0378

Five is a big birthday around here. I remember Megan and Gavin both making a big transition from five to six, so I’m curious to see how Ben does. As much as we love his cuteness, some maturity will help things, too. He still refuses to get himself dressed, for example. I told him I wasn’t helping anymore after his birthday, so we’ll see if he goes to school in his pajamas tomorrow.

I hope he will continue to be hilarious AND learn respect and self-control, although I know they probably can’t coexist. Last night at the dinner table, Christopher told Ben, “It’s your last night of being four. Enjoy it!” Ben proceeded to leave the table to play. Christopher said, “Come back here and finish your dinner!” Ben replied, “I’m enjoying it!” as he skipped away.


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