Megan and Gavin 2005

When Gavin was born, I was so overwhelmed I put calendars on the bedroom walls, hoping I could jot down at least a few things from that year. Here’s what I wrote:

Megan’s calendar:

April 2005
4 Aunt Caitlin leaves
8-9 Aunt Paige and Grandpa Richins visit
10 “I’m not a princess, I’m a stinkpot!”
14 “Don’t cry, little man.” – to Gavin
15-16 First stomach bug. Yuck!
20 Doctor @ 8:30 if you’re still sick

May 2005
2 Daddy’s 27th birthday
6-7 Sleepover at Bryant’s house
9-13 Sick with upper respiratory infection
13 Cousin Abby born
14 Grandma Richins’ sleeps over on way to Canada
16 Mommy’s 23rd birthday
Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: salad
Favorite movie: Aladdin
Favorite friend: Daddy
29 Aunt Allison visits

June 2005
“Who turned on the dark?”
“My so excited!”
You are getting to be a big girl! You are still working on potty training…you love nursery and playing with your friends–Hannah, Ethan, Ashley, Bryant, and Atticus
13 Allison goes home
“Bye, Aunt Alli, see you next time!”

July 2005
We had a fun trip to Canada. You saw cousins Aaron, Kyleigh, and Abbie, went to the zoo and waterslides. Your favorite was “riding motorcycles with Daddy and seeing a deer.”
26 Ballard Locks w/ Bryant

August 2005
2 Seattle Children’s Museum
6 Keybank Air Show
9 Everett Children’s Museum
10 Your 3-year-old friend Ashley gave you a “haircut”

September 2005
13 First Day of Joy School!
You absolutely love Joy School! Your friends are Ashley Black, Ammon Thompson, Sara Wolferts, Kelsey Eller, and Trenton Goeckeritz
You love to sing songs: Joy School songs, Primary songs, and TV theme songs (Dora, Maggie, etc.)
I finally bought you Candy Land and you love to play!
You also love dress up, computer, and outside play!

October 2005
“That’s too spiky!”
“Don’t say that word!”
“I probably love you.”
“I’m going to write my name on the Internet.”
31 You’re so excited!

Gavin’s calendar:

April 2005
1 Downtown Seattle with Aunt Caitlin (you rode in the Snugli)
2 General Conference
4 Aunt Caitlin leaves
8-9 Aunt Paige and Grandpa Richins visit
10 Your blessing day!
11 2 months old! 10 lb, 9 oz 25%, 22.5 inches 40%, 5 shots!
You lift up your head and like to look around, can follow things with your eyes. You are very serious and smile rarely.
14 Visit cousins Bryant and Dalton
18 Zantac seems to be helping your acid reflux

May 2005
1 Slept through the night for the first time!
6 12 lbs!
You are getting so big. A “medium-sized” baby, as your dad calls you. You can smile now, but still fuss a lot. Very demanding little boy!
11 3 months old! First laugh
12 Discovers hands. Likes to suck fingers.
15 First cold. Poor Gavin.
16 Slept through the night #2 — Mom’s birthday present!
29 Aunt Allison comes to visit

June 2005
11 4 months old!
13 Aunt Alli goes home
15 Dr. appt- 13 lbs 14 oz, 24.5 inches, 5 shots!
You are finally smiling and laughing! You are also starting to grab your toys.
29 Rolled over 1st time– back to stomach
1st jar of bananas– yum!

July 2005
11 Canada Trip
You had a great trip. You were so good in the car (14 hours!) and slept all night almost every night. You are rolling over a lot now and eating solids–rice, oatmeal, fruits
18 Back home
23 We went to the park and you loved gumming a peach half!

August 2005
1 Seattle Children’s Museum w/ Carls
6 Saw the Blue Angels–you cried because they were loud and you were tired
8 1st tooth!
9 Everett Children’s Museum w/ Carls
11 16 lbs, 5 oz – double ear infection!
16 6-month checkup- 16 lbs, 7 oz – 25th, 26.25 inches, 50th
18 high fever!
21 all better
26 Poppy coming to visit
30 Long Beach, Poppy leaving

September 2005
17 GG and Earl visit
You are sitting well now and trying to crawl!
24 Today you went from your stomach to sitting all by yourself
29 Today you woke up and crawled fast for the 1st time!
30 You are mobile now!

October 2005
5 Visiting downtown Seattle Aquarium w/ Haley and Atticus Dame
7 Started another high fever (103), throwing up, cough, stuffy nose

December 2005
10 Leaving for South Carolina


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