Easter, Darden Reunion

And just like that, April is gone.

The week before Easter was chilly, but those boys don’t care and want to be outside!

2014-04-21 15.08.45 2014-04-21 12.15.23 2014-04-19 16.11.27

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter. Christopher, Megan, and I sang in the church choir, and Christopher played the clarinet during “Resurrected Lord”. It was lovely. After church our friends the Farrows came for a traditional dinner, and we had a great time.

IMG_0600 IMG_0606 IMG_0612 IMG_0618

2014-04-19 10.02.58 2014-04-20 17.40.55

The next weekend was Christopher’s five-year Darden reunion. We left the kids with Corey and Pam and took the Wednesday night red-eye to Richmond. Christopher’s ability to sleep anywhere still amazes me. We landed around 10:30 a.m. and went straight to Short Pump because Christopher’s Seattle wardrobe wasn’t going to fly in the South. After stocking him up on staples like khakis and boat shoes, we headed to Charlottesville, checked on our house for sale, ate lunch at Eppie’s, and took a nap at the hotel. That evening Christopher had a black tie Raven dinner and I wasn’t invited. At first I was a little miffed, but I had the BEST night. I went to the downtown mall to hang out and people watch, and there just happened to be an amazing show at the Paramount–Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. The show was sold out but just before showtime I hung around to see if anyone had an extra ticket, and within about 30 seconds a woman approached me with one. The music, the venue, the audience–all perfect. When the show ended Christopher asked me to pick him up on the Lawn. Little did I know Mr. Colley was hosting a Raven after-party in Pavilion VIII. We had fun chatting, although it was kind of awkward wearing jeans and tennis shoes while surrounded by current and future billionaires in tuxedos and cocktail dresses. The people who knew me didn’t seem to care, and the people who didn’t didn’t talk to me. It was amazing being in the pavilion, imagining all the historical figures who had studied, talked, and partied on those ancient wood floors. Of  course, a quick trip outside, where undergrads were streaking down the Lawn, was a reminder of the times. We managed to see four naked bodies before we left Charlottesville.

The next day we blew off breakfast and slept in. We headed to Darden, grabbed some lunch and sat down. In minutes, three of our best couple friends arrived, and we talked and talked. The guys went off to some classes and it was pouring rain so Christine and I ended up at the mall. In the evening we had a class dinner. It was freezing and the food was terrible but we still had fun.

We blew off the morning activities AGAIN on Saturday, instead sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely early lunch at the Boar’s Head Inn. Three words: spicy peanut soup. Later we met up with some other friends at the BBQ and then changed for the gala in the evening. After the festivities were over we went over to Mr. Colley’s. We ended up chatting with him until 1 a.m. I was about to fall over and didn’t know how he was still awake. It amazed me, sitting there with one of the best and most influential professors at the University, and being proud of Christopher for making such a positive impression on Mr. Colley and the school.

2014-04-27 01.14.22 2014-04-26 13.02.54 2014-04-26 13.06.56 2014-04-25 16.40.46

Sunday we went to the grad student ward for church. Just about everyone there had a baby and it was the loudest Sacrament meeting I think I’ve ever attended. We walked around the lawn one more time, ate lunch at the downtown mall and headed to the airport.

2014-04-27 12.59.02-1

Then it was back to reality. The kids were alive, the house was clean, and all the boys had fresh haircuts. Corey and Pam have said they can never pay us back for all the business help Christopher has given them, but I think after this last trip we can probably call the debt paid in full!

Being in Virginia really made us (me especially!) want to move back East. Seattle must have read my mind because it is making its case for us staying this week. The past two days have been 80+ degrees and we have been at the LAKE. Of course I don’t have any pictures at the lake because I was trying to stop little boys from drowning, but know that it was lovely and the water was cold and Megan would never leave if it was an option. She is part mermaid, I think. I also think Megan is due for a photo shoot. She never seems to be around when I’m taking pictures.

2014-04-30 10.57.32 2014-04-30 10.03.41 2014-04-29 12.21.19 2014-04-29 08.27.12


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