Memorial Day Weekend

I cannot believe it’s June already. Here’s what we do pretty much all day:


And this is why we don’t go places:


However, for Memorial Day we made an exception and participated in another Amazing Race hosted by the Allens. There were 14 families participating and we had our game faces on. We were in first place after the first two challenges and feeling pretty good. We had to solve a movie-quote puzzle, then drive to a park where Megan did a minute-to-win-it game knocking over water bottles.


The next stop was at the post office. We had to count the PO Boxes. It was a disaster, and put us somewhere in the middle.

10358583_10203782051422855_5100915729812504560_n 10313987_10203782051702862_3946110547993180225_nThe next stop was a cemetery, where we had to find the dates and military history of a named deceased veteran. Being respectful and reverent was part of the challenge, which was the hardest part for exuberant Ben.

The next stop was a park where we had to eat cupfuls of Cheerios and to find the cup marked “X” at the bottom. Luckily for Ben, who we chose to perform the challenge, he got it right the first try.

We raced to an outdoor mall where we had to sing the national anthem outside American Eagle.


The next stop was a park where we had to find two dollars in change from a bowl of spaghetti noodles. Blindfolded. Christopher came up with $1.90, then Megan tried and found $1.90, as well. Eventually we ended up in last place. It was okay, though, it was a large park on a gorgeous day and the rest of the family had fun running around.

2014-05-26 14.45.30 2014-05-26 14.45.38

We probably would have continued to the end, especially because the next challenge was paddleboarding on the lake, the “you might get wet” event Gavin had worn his bathing suit for. But we were headed to Seattle for Jansen’s birthday so we called it a race.

Here’s a photo from the beginning. We were so serious only I got out of the car for the photo. The strategy worked, though, because while everyone else was busy re-buckling their kids, we were first out of the gate.


Jansen’s birthday party was a blast. Holly had a ton of delicious food; street tacos, beans, rice, chips with queso, guac, and salsa. Logan ate his weight in watermelon. Christopher brought 12 varieties of root beer and led a tasting, emphasizing the different flavors. There were donuts and cake and a gorgeous backyard view of the Puget Sound, followed by an impromptu sing-a-long around the piano. Ben’s rendition of “Let It Go” was well received. Fun times.


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