Wrapping Up the School Year

Every time I write a blog post I commit to write another one soon. And then two weeks flies by!

We have been enjoying nature. This mama duck and her ten babies were crossing 228th (our main drag) one day and people stopped their cars, got out, and helped them cross. Ben and I parked and followed them to a nearby pond to make sure they didn’t wander back towards the street.

2014-06-02 15.06.43

Gavin found a robin egg in our backyard. We also saw two separate fawns on the way to church last Sunday. The critters in Sammamish are having a busy spring!

2014-06-03 12.36.28

Ben finished preschool at Skyline. We had an end-of-year ice cream party. We are going to miss Teacher Robyn, who is retiring.

2014-06-06 14.15.02 2014-06-06 14.26.13 IMG_3717


Ben also had Dads and Donuts Day at Discovery. At least we thought he did. He brought home a flyer that said, “Ms. Funk’s class would like to invite all the dads to Dads and Donuts day.” Ben is not in Ms. Funk’s class but I assumed she was inviting the other two preschool classes. So Christopher takes off work, and shows up to Ben’s class. Ben’s teacher is like, “Can we help you?” Turns out, Ben took the flyer from a kid on the school bus. He really wanted his dad at school. Or donuts. In the end, Christopher ended up taking Ben down to join the other class. Ben’s plan worked.

060314 (1)

Ben also finished preschool at Discovery. With another little party.

2014-06-13 10.34.44

Last day of Skyline, nice warm weather.

IMG_0629 IMG_0632

Last day of Discovery, 55 degrees. Gotta love Seattle.

2014-06-13 08.44.01 2014-06-13 08.43.32

Megan had her spring orchestra concert. It’s amazing how much progress these sixth graders have made!

IMG_0653 IMG_0644

Some new friends moved into the neighborhood and invited us over for a BBQ. Yes, we probably should have invited them first. Our kids didn’t sit still for a single second. Until they brought out ice cream.

2014-06-07 17.53.39

Cuteness at home:

IMG_0634 2014-06-11 13.17.36 2014-06-10 14.57.48

2014-06-06 11.11.32

You know what’s better than having friends with boats? Friends with chickens.

IMG_0673 IMG_0671

Handsome men. Christopher is growing his hair out again. My grandmother will be thrilled.

IMG_0669 IMG_0667 IMG_0665 IMG_0662

Dad trampoline antics:


Logan antics. I ran to the bathroom for just a few minutes. Seriously. Came out and he had stripped naked and was jumping on the trampoline. That kid is full of mischief these days and loving following his big brother’s example of total mayhem.

IMG_0678 IMG_0693 IMG_0688 IMG_0683 IMG_0677 IMG_0675

In other news, it was a stressful week physically and emotionally. A stomach bug left us in the bathroom most of the week, or in Logan’s case, with a bad case of diaper rash. I had to pull out the cloth diapers and wash him with cotton balls soaked in warm water. Poor guy.

Emotionally, I was disheartened to hear of the LDS church’s disciplinary actions against Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and other Mormon dissenters. My heart broke for all the members of the church who feel unwelcome, some who are staying, and many who are choosing to leave. The events of the week inspired me to reflect on Christ’s message of love and service, how the church I love is succeeding in helping its members follow Jesus, and how it is failing. I could write a book on my thoughts but I will continue to study and pray and think and listen.


Megan has a few days left of school but summer is almost here! Farewell to sixth grade, third grade, and pre-K!

megan6 gavin3 benpk


2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the School Year

  1. I am assuming you have read the children’s book, “Make Way for Ducklings.” It has always been one of my favorites.

    We have had quite a few birds nest in our backyard this Spring. We got to see some of the eggs hatch. The baby birds were incredibly tiny. We avoided mowing our back lawn for awhile because we had so many nests in the ground.

    I can’t stop laughing at the Dads and Donuts day incident. So funny … and so Ben 🙂 !!

    I LOVE the pictures of Logan jumping buck naked on the trampoline with his tongue sticking out 🙂 !!

    It truly has been an emotional and disheartening week on many accounts. I am so grateful I have you as a close friend! XOXO

  2. I love reading your blog, you SHOULD post more than every two weeks!

    Your kids are getting so old, I can’t believe Megan sometimes. That pic where she has a thumbs up. Love it.

    A backyard BBQ sounds pretty darn nice right about now.

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