Sunday Sick Day

My mom volunteered to stay home with the sick kids. Megan and Ben were both feverish (102 and 103, respectively) and Gavin is still congested and coughing. It was kind of nice to go to church with just my dad, Devin, me, and Logan. Quiet. Calm.

My mom had dinner ready when we got home and the afternoon was fairly relaxed, with Ben being too sick to cause trouble. He spent a lot of time snuggled in my lap and I actually waited a few hours to give him Motrin to keep him resting. I finally gave him meds about an hour before bed, and of course, he perked right up and started causing trouble, but I laid down and read to him and by seven he was sound asleep. I helped Megan take another lukewarm bath and it still took a while for her to cool down, but eventually she was able to sleep.

Logan didn’t appreciate his South Carolina church clothes–a white polo, seersucker shorts, and sandals. He said, “Where is my tie?! I WANT my tie!”



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