Logan’s first ER trip

We headed to Hunting Creek at 11. We swam for an hour, ate a quick picnic lunch, then got back in the pool at 12:10. There were only about three other kids in the pool, so we basically had it to ourselves. I was sitting with my legs dangling in the deep end, and all four kids were jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side. I was thinking about how cool it was that the lifeguard let Logan jump off the diving board, as little as he was, and how great puddle jumpers are, and how much fun he was having. Caitlin had mentioned earlier than no pools in Madison allowed floats, including puddle jumpers, and what fun is that? Kids like to be mobile in the water, not held. At least my kids. At any rate, while I’m having these happy feelings, Logan walks (probably running a bit) back over to the diving board, and slips right as he gets to the ladder. I hop up and go to him, and when I get there see a nasty gash in his cheek.

It really freaked me out. We have never had stitches or anything before, and for a minute I said, “Do we need to call an ambulance?” I was worried about my ability to drive (I was super shaky) and whether it would continue to bleed. We were 30+ minutes away from the hospital. Thankfully, a more seasoned mother said there would be nothing to do in an ambulance, to just drive him. My big kids must have realized the gravity of the situation because they gathered up all our stuff and we were in the car in no time. We headed to the children’s ER. Poppy got there at the same time we did and took the big kids back to Genesis Studios, where they got to watch a movie in the theater. I got Logan checked in a seen quickly. He was such a champ; after the initial crying from the fall, he didn’t make a peep. He didn’t cry at all in the car (Megan was teary the entire drive to the hospital); he didn’t cry when they cleaned the cut; he didn’t cry when they glued it up. A resident was all set to stitch it up, but I asked for the attending and after examining it extensively he decided glue would do the trick. After attempting some new glue, he asked them to go find some Dermabond (file that away), the good stuff. It worked great, and I asked them to put some steri strips over it. I can’t tell you how many times my mom told me: lacerations on the face = children’s hospital + Dermabond + steri strips. It stuck.

We picked up the big kids from Genesis and got a dozen Krispy Kreme. We survived our first ER “injury”. (Excepting the time Christopher and I were at Cape Cod and Megan got hit with the golf club…)










4 thoughts on “Logan’s first ER trip

  1. wow. scary. I always wondered how I would know when my kid needed stitches and I was told – you’ll know. Yup. you do. When you see a cut that deep you just know…. stitches. Glad he got the glue – as young as he is he should scar very little…. Glad it all worked out

  2. Bless YOUR heart. And his sweet little cheek. I can be laid back about lots of stuff, but this mama just plain can’t do blood without wanting to/needing to pass out.

  3. Ok, A, when has mom ever told you that about the lacerations on children’s faces?! I could’ve used that advice twice in the last year. Maybe I need to talk to her more or something. Good thing you didn’t let the resident do it. I will never let a resident near my baby’s face ever again.

    And B, I’m laughing at how freaked out you were! Really? Call an ambulance? You call an ambulance if they can’t breathe, are unconscious, the bone is sticking out through the skin. A tiny face cut? We didn’t even take Tallulah to the doctor the night she busted open her forehead in Germany, just the next day. I almost walked to the ER when she cut open her face the second time, but then a friend offered a ride.

    Also, I can’t believe you’ve made it through four kids without stitches/ER-worthy injuries. How is that possible? We’ve had stitches three times, and a visit for second-degree burns. And my kids still have a long way to go…

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