Riverbank Zoo

We had the most fun at the zoo EVER! The weather was gorgeous, on the cool side (for Columbia, that means high 80s). My friend Anne, who I grew up with, then reconnected with in Atlanta, then she moved back to Columbia (got that?), went with us, and brought an extra membership card which got us all in for free PLUS wristbands for all the kids. When I was a kid, the zoo was just animals. Super fun, right? Now the zoo has a rock climbing wall, carousel, zip line, ropes course, pony rides, mini train… you get the picture. With the wristbands, you can do all the extra stuff for free (mostly), and you know how I feel about paying for extra stuff AFTER you’ve paid admission. I don’t like it. This way, I didn’t have to tell my kids no. We rode the carousel twice (Logan three times). The big kids did the rock climbing wall. And the ropes course. And I had to the do the ropes course with Ben even though I HATE heights because Ben isn’t quite 48 inches and my dad was wearing Rainbows. The little boys did the pony rides and the train twice. We fed the goats, giraffes, and lorakeets. We saw penguins and gorillas and lions and snakes and koalas and flamingoes and monkeys and elephants.

And I took about 500 pictures with my camera, but here are a few I snapped with my phone until I can get home and upload my good pictures…image




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