Logan turns three!

Well, he’s done it. This kid turned three!


The day was very low-key, with consignment store presents and a boxed cake a la Megan, but you know he loved every second. His favorite gifts were a toy guitar and a doctor kit.

IMG_1092 IMG_1089 IMG_1079

IMG_1098 IMG_1096

Logan’s favorites:

  • Books: Berenstain Bears and Dr. Seuss
  • Park: He’s getting to be a good climber and makes me nervous on the tall slides
  • Toys: anything pretend play, especially food related, like kitchens and tea sets
  • Electronics: he loves Curious George and Peg + Cat on PBS, and is obsessed with “puppy game”, a little app on my phone
  • Foods: there’s not much he won’t eat, but his favorites include oatmeal, fruit, and hummus

He seems close to reading and is starting to sound out words. He’s gotten very verbal in the last six months or so, and can communicate easily, for better or worse. He has picked up all the bad words Ben likes to use.

We’re about half way through potty training, although he seems to have gotten his wires crossed and tends to walk outside to do his business instead of to the bathroom. It’s anyone’s guess whether he will be potty trained in time for his September 16 preschool start date. If he’s not, I think I’m ok with just waiting a year.


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