More summer fun

Megan went to her first boy-girl birthday party since she was about three. They played in the backyard and watched an outdoor movie. Although Megan is starting to be interested in the opposite sex, we have had many, many conversations about how it is wise to cultivate lots of friendships with lots of boys, and put aside any romantic feelings until she is much, much older. I shared with her that I liked the same boy from 4th grade until I graduated high school. But because I was anxious to be “boyfriend and girlfriend”, I ruined what could have been a really long and fun friendship. Looking back, I would have much rather had him as a friend than as an on-again off-again boyfriend, which eventually created lots of hurt feelings and awkwardness. I blame the media. When did boys and girls stop enjoying each other’s company and start viewing each other as only prospective love interests? For me, it was a steady dose of Saved By the Bell and The Babysitters Club. Oh, the drama.


We finally took Ben to a psychologist to be evaluated. In addition to a high IQ (of course), he shows signs of ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and ADHD. The good and bad news is that the treatment for ODD is called parent child interaction therapy (PCIT), which is basically “you’ve got a challenging child and it’s tough to say whether you caused it or whether they just came that way, but now we are going to teach you how to be a good parent for them because you’re really blowing it”. We are going to go slow with the diagnosis process, only sticking him with the label if it will help him gain allowances at school. I am hopeful he will do just fine in kindergarten, especially with enough challenging activities and motivational tools.


We “took care of business” at the middle school. Megan is excited to have a top locker this year.


We went to Pine Lake Park to meet the new principal at the elementary school. Ben was only interested in throwing rocks in the lake and creating general mischief.


Our orthodontist hosted a patient fun day at an indoor trampoline park. The kids were in heaven, even Logan.image


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