Thanksgiving 2014

We went to Holly and Jansen’s for Thanksgiving because no one makes a holiday prettier than Holly. The food was amazing, of course; Jansen and Holly made the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, and a scrumptious apple crisp. I made mashed potatoes and parsnips, broccoli casserole, cranberry raspberry sauce. Christopher made a pumpkin pie and Brussels sprouts with pancetta and pecans. A family from Jansen and Holly’s church came, and they brought an amazing salad that made Gavin say, “I never liked beets before I ate this salad.”

Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday, because what’s more awesome than counting your blessings while feasting on the amazing food we always have access to? It’s really quite amazing. I rarely walk into a grocery store without taking a moment to marvel at the bounty at my fingertips. And forget about Costco. Can you imagine? It’s a warehouse of food, water, clothing, and household items. I’m also thankful for clean water, clean air, a home, cars, education, books (a library!), my Christian faith and a church community that practices what they preach. My family. Healthy kids. Life.

We were very grateful to spend Thanksgiving with Jansen, Holly, Lucy, Mia, Hank, and Charlie. (And the Garcias!)

2014-11-27 14.43.36

2014-11-27 14.42.11

2014-11-27 14.42.03

2014-11-27 14.33.32-1

2014-11-27 14.33.25

2014-11-27 14.09.24

2014-11-27 13.51.23


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Beautiful thoughts on being grateful for all we have. So glad you blogged!

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