New Year’s Celebrations

2014-12-30 19.02.31

We went to the church New Year’s Eve for an “East coast” party; that is, our countdown celebration was at 9 p.m. We braved taking the little boys, even without naps, but they seemed to enjoy running around the gym, treats in hand. We made it until about 8:30 until an unfortunate potty accident left me in the bathroom cleaning up Logan, and Christopher cleaning up a portion of the church carpet. I wrapped Logan’s clean but bare bum in Christopher’s jacket and took all three boys home, where they were bathed, pjed, and allowed to watch a three minute children’s countdown on Netflix (intended to be shown at any time of night, before the kids go to bed). Gavin was allowed to stay up another half hour until Megan and Christopher got home. Our decision to drive two cars to the church had been fortuitous.

New Year’s Day Christopher and I made a delicious feast. I made the pork, black eyed peas, and mac and cheese. He made the collard greens and a pumpkin pie. Jansen and Holly and kids joined us, and we had a relaxing afternoon.

The next day we loaded up and headed to Great Wolf Lodge. The kids were excited.

2015-01-02 12.34.45

2015-01-02 12.34.50

We started our little vacation with lunch at Burger Claim. There we met up with our California cousins who had driven a long way for some waterpark fun.


Fully fueled, we spent four hours at the park before heading back to our room for showers and a light dinner. The big kids and Logan played DS while I took Ben up and down about fifteen flights of stairs playing Magiquest.

2015-01-02 17.35.42-2

2015-01-03 09.14.28-1

2015-01-03 09.32.50

2015-01-03 09.32.57

2015-01-03 11.43.15

2015-01-02 19.05.51-1

2015-01-02 19.06.01

When we got back, Ben fell abruptly the sleep but the other three were still wired. I let Megan and Gavin play Magiquest for a few hours (lots of exercise!) and snuggled Logan until he conked out. We enjoyed a restless night before hitting the waterpark for another five hours. Then we changed and enjoyed our brief 90 minute drive home!

2015-01-03 14.27.28

The kids all loved being in the pools. Ben was a wild man in the wave pool, and was just tall enough (48 inches!) to ride the intense “Howling Tornado”. Christopher and I had the boring job of standing nearby playing lifeguard, and are excited for the day when the kids can just go off and we can relax in the lounge chairs. The biggest win of the trip, in my book, was managing to get Logan to the bathroom in time–twice.


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