January Sunshine

How am I spending my waking hours this month?

31% – In the kitchen. Preparing meals and snacks for a ravenous crew and cleaning up after them. I make pots of steel cut oats, homemade mac & cheese, and lots of soup and sandwiches. Ben’s teacher has instituted a morning snack and I have either sent him with a Thermos of oatmeal or a breakfast burrito. His teacher emailed and said she appreciates the “hearty snacks”. Ben is getting lots of extra support at school and I am super appreciative.

17% – Keeping Megan and Gavin in books. This involves Google searches such as “100 best books for boys” or “great mysteries for kids”, then putting lots and lots of books on hold at the library.

13% – Doling out “poker points” and collecting them when the kids cash them in, usually to play 30 minutes of Minecraft. Although Logan is not participating in the poker point game, he gets 30 minutes a day on his own computer account. He can type in his password and sign on to PBS Kids without help. He also gets bonus time for using the potty, which is great because he is outgrowing his naps.

11% – Skype with Christopher. In Poland. Again. The kids have loved it, as they get out of school as Christopher is preparing for bed, and he will pull up Minecraft on the screen and play with them. Ah, technology.

8% – Outside, surprisingly. This Seattle January has not been too bad. A bit chilly for my comfort, but the kids don’t mind as long as the sun is out. I can’t get the boys into outerwear to save my life.

7% – Grocery shopping. Because they just eat. So much.

5% – Working out at the gym. It’s such a nice break, although the nursery worker who Logan loved (Miss Austin!) has found a better job, of course. Hopefully the new employee will be good enough to allow me my three hours a week.

4% – Planning surprises for our two soon-to-be birthday boys!

3% – Putting a snoring Ben or Logan back in their own beds. It’s a nightly ritual.

1% – Drinking herbal tea while watching Parks & Rec.

Outside time, captured:

2015-01-19 16.00.34

2015-01-19 15.49.56

2015-01-19 15.46.07

2015-01-19 15.38.08-2

2015-01-19 15.30.00


2 thoughts on “January Sunshine

  1. Parks and Rec!!!!! That should deserve more than 1%.

    Super impressed Logan can log in and type his password. Tallulah is our no-tech kid. She can’t even use a mouse. She has no interest in using the computer, and rarely likes to play iPad. Though sometimes in the mornings she will ask for it: “I wanna play a-vice (device)”

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