Staycation Day 1: Lincoln Park

When I found out Christopher was going to be in Israel during the entirety of the kids’ Mid-Winter Break, I figured we were in for a grueling week of playing Minecraft and going stir crazy. I planned visits to a few indoor play spaces to save our sanity. What I didn’t anticipate was a gorgeous week of sun and temperatures in the 50s. Which is Seattle spring–in February!

The weather changed our week to a staycation! After I hit the gym this morning (another sanity measure), we packed a picnic and headed to Lincoln Park. I thought we had been there before, and the whole time Megan was navigating I was saying, “I don’t think this is right. This doesn’t seem right.” We inadvertently explored a brand new park today.

We started by following a sign that pointed to playground, and were disappointed when there were just a few swings and a small play structure. Where was the zip line the online reviews mentioned? What a bust. We thought about heading back to the car and driving to the park we meant to visit, but instead we started down a path with a view of the Puget Sound. The cliff was steep and the beach seemed forever away, when the trail soon dove down, and we were on the shore!

Of course, once on the waterfront the kids had a blast. On the way back to the car, looking for a bathroom, we found a second playground, this time with some big kid structures and the zip line.

We headed home, stopping first in Seattle to deliver something to a friend of Caitlin’s headed to Texas tomorrow. We were in Great-Grandma Martinez’s old neighborhood, and passed her high school (Christopher’s maternal grandmother). Before home we stopped again for frozen yogurt. We picked a random shop (they are everywhere), and to our delight it was “happy hour”, where for $2 we got to fill our 4 oz cups as high as we wanted with yogurt and toppings. Between the special and a coupon I had (after buying FOUR Entertainment books for the middle school fundraiser), we all enjoyed yogurt for five bucks.

When we got home we stopped by the Carl’s house and played until sunset.

2015-02-16 13.06.27

2015-02-16 12.43.14

2015-02-16 12.41.09

2015-02-16 12.40.33

2015-02-16 17.50.42


One thought on “Staycation Day 1: Lincoln Park

  1. You stole our February weather!! It was 30s and drizzley all day here and we watched Masterchef Junior. Jealous of your day! Thanks for dropping that stuff to Austin. I feel kind of bad she’s going from that nice Seattle weather to our gloomy Austin.

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