Staycation Days 6 and 7

Saturday morning I scurried around the house cleaning up the disaster that Monday through Friday had caused. I vacuumed downstairs and scrubbed the bathrooms, then took Ben and Logan with me to the gym, leaving Megan and Gavin with instructions to clean the upstairs, especially the playroom. They did a great job, and I picked up Eliza on the way home. She babysat the boys so I could take Megan on her date. We ate lunch at a fun little cafe on Front Street in Issaquah. The chef, Edna, came out and chatted with us and made us some delicious food. We walked around Front Street for a little while, stopping in the music store (I didn’t want to leave), the glass blowing store (Megan didn’t want to leave), and the frozen yogurt place. For once, I didn’t get a frozen yogurt, instead watching Megan enjoy hers. Then we headed home.

2015-02-21 12.37.30

I collected Logan and Eliza and dropped her off on the way to a birthday party for Logan’s friend Margot. He had a blast running around Little Gym, although a few times I could tell he was exhausted. This no-nap thing is tough.

2015-02-21 15.38.05

2015-02-21 16.24.49

When we got home, it was once again time for baths, dinner, and bed!

Sunday morning we had Stake Conference at 10, which was nice because Logan was still snuggling with me in my bed at 8:40. Finally we got up and out the door. I left Ben and Logan at Shay’s with my cousin Kiersten and her two little boys, and Megan, Gavin, and I headed to the church building to watch Stake Conference. We had an apostle, Elder Tom Perry, visiting, so everyone was pretty excited to hear his wisdom. He talked a lot about the importance of families, about teaching your children and not relying on school (regular or Sunday) to educate your kids. He said his father sold the family farm to attend law school, but he still wanted his children to learn how to work hard, so he bought them a jersey cow. Elder Perry hated that cow and it’s demanding milking schedule, but he was grateful for work ethic he developed. We need to figure out what our “cow” is going to be.

After church we drove to Seattle for lunch with Holly and Jansen. I took dessert, caramel corn and brownies. The kids polished off the caramel corn in the backyard, where it was sunny and almost warm.

2015-02-22 14.50.29


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