Back to the Grind and Amara Luncheon

Ben woke me up before 7 a.m. with a curt, “I’m not going to school this morning, and you can’t make me.” I knew he was just taking the hard line in initial Monday morning negotiations so I offered him a Lego Star Wars t-shirt (from the hand-me-downs we got last week). He accepted and added homemade muffins to his list of demands. I happily complied and the rest of the morning went smoothly. After the boys were off (Megan was long gone), I exercised a bit (no time for the gym), cleaned up, and got pretty for a fundraiser luncheon for Amara, the foster/adoption agency I have been volunteering for. I went with Shay and my friend Jeannie, who has adopted three kids from foster care. It was a nice afternoon.



Christopher was home by the time I got back at two. He was exhausted but gave us hugs and presents (when Gavin and Ben got home at four). Logan, of course, started running a fever this evening. Probably another ear infection. His tonsil/adenoid/ear tube surgery cannot come quickly enough. Poor kid.


2 thoughts on “Back to the Grind and Amara Luncheon

  1. I loved reading all about your staycation. Our week would have been all Minecraft and whining, so I’m glad you figured out how to get out and about a little bit. So sorry about your gym, That totally stinks!

  2. Lauren you and Shay look very professional in these pics. Lovely ladies you both are and I bet Shay wishes she had your hair, me too. love ya Grandma

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