Easter 2015

We had a quiet, peaceful Easter. The weather was decent and we listened to General Conference. We dyed eggs and the Easter bunny visited. We discussed the last week in the Savior’s life: Good Friday, Passover, and his death and resurrection. I tried to make things special for the kids, and at the same time not focus too much on candy or clothes. I find that my life, and holidays especially, don’t look like I pictured them before I became a mother, but that’s okay. I missed my family a lot. I made a yummy ham, potato salad, even a banana pudding–but it wasn’t the same without my mom and grandma, and it definitely didn’t taste the same, no matter how many fancy local ingredients I bought or Paula Deen recipes I googled.

Easter afternoon I spent some time volunteering at the emergency foster care sanctuary, where I helped take care of… three brothers! The baby was just over a year and the snuggliest thing I had ever seen. The sanctuary employee was surprised when he came right to me, and didn’t let go the four hours I was there. He cried when I had to hand him over and go back to my babies. It was the first baby I had loved on at the sanctuary (the other kids have been school-age), and I could have taken him home right then and there. His name did end with an “n”, so he would have fit right in. Hopefully things work out okay with him and his six older siblings. I believe that in the end, everything will work out okay for everybody. But in the meantime, we can do everything we can to make life easier for those around us, here and now.

Megan gave a beautiful talk in Sacrament Meeting today about the sacrifice of the son of God. My favorite part was when she talked about “Christ’s example of kindness, love, compassion, and humility.” It was her first talk in Sacrament Meeting, and she did great.

2015-04-04 11.28.41

2015-04-04 11.29.09










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