Ben’s First Game Day

Ben woke up Wednesday morning and said, “I have a funny feeling in my stomach. It’s about my baseball game.” I told him, “That feeling is called Game Day!” Ben was so excited he wore his uniform to school and invited his teacher to the game (she couldn’t make it). The weather was perfect.

Ben’s team batted first, and he hit a rocket on his first swing. He ran to second without a thought. Unfortunately, the coaches made him go back to first. In fact, they only let each kid advance one base on each hit. We both thought it was lame. He just wanted to run. After running multiple bases on each hit and being sent back each time, he finally just strolled into home in slow, deliberate steps.

His first defensive position was first base. He was quick enough to get multiple kids out (and yell, “You’re out!”), but every time he did, someone said, “Oh no, they’re safe.” Ben was thoroughly confused and frustrated. He was also throwing rockets back home every time he needed to get the ball back, and they told him he was throwing too hard and made him roll the ball underhand back home.

Finally, after 20 minutes of that, right before the end of the first inning, he walked off the field and good naturedly said, “I’m done. That was a fun first game.”

I managed to convince him to take his second inning at-bat, but he would not go back into the field at the bottom of the second. It was 6:15, Logan was being awful, and we left.

2015-04-15 17.05.28-1

2015-04-15 17.05.18


5 thoughts on “Ben’s First Game Day

  1. You just need to move here. They cut kids if they aren’t routinely hitting homeruns and turning double plays. He would fit right in.

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