This has been my longest blogging break since I started in 2006. I would be remiss if I didn’t make note of the major events of this crazy month. It has been a big one. My lack of blog has been exacerbated by a new phone (my main camera), an expiration of my DropBox (picture storage), emotional upheaval (lots of personal growth here), and general busyness.

First, Christopher is leaving Applause to start his own company. It’s happening, people.

We celebrated both our birthdays. Although we did most of our celebrating in Hawaii, we did the dinner and movie thing here. We really enjoyed Tomorrowland. Movies have gotten expensive (our tickets were $17.50 each) and for the first time I think a home theater makes sense, especially as our children move towards adolescence. Christopher feels old at 37. I still feel quite young at 33.

Mother’s Day was lovely. I love that Christopher is such a great cook.

Christopher took the boys to our church’s annual Fathers and Sons campout. It was Logan’s first time and Megan and I loved our relaxing time together. We ate veggie burgers and chocolate and watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

2015-05-15 Fathers and Sons 182

2015-05-15 Fathers and Sons 216

2015-05-15 Fathers and Sons 219

2015-05-15 Fathers and Sons 136

2015-05-15 Fathers and Sons 183

2015-05-16 08.20.43

I was asked to review a historic hotel for Trekaroo, so Megan and I spent a Friday night downtown and Saturday shopping for new clothes, which we both needed. We found cute stuff at Forever 21 (Megan), Zara (both), and surprisingly Old Navy (me).


Ben’s t-ball season has been in full swing. His last game was Saturday and we celebrated at Ben and Jerry’s.


The weather is gorgeous and we’ve been outside as much as possible. Climate change is seemingly real and I hate to say we are the beneficiaries. I have heard rumors Seattle is the next Southern California (and California will become Arizona). Meanwhile my sister and her family have endured severe flooding in Texas!

(outside pics)

Sadly, Christopher’s grandfather passed away and he flew to California for the funeral, and was able to spend time with his entire family.


We celebrated Memorial Day by remembering his grandpa, among others. We started the day at a local cemetery for a short program. Later we went on a hike and found a geocache.

Ben had his end-of-year kindergarten program and Logan and I enjoyed Ben’s singing and classroom tour. My favorite was Ben’s “adjective flower” where he described himself as “kind, cool, sneaky, bold, active, awesome”. Self aware kid.

(pics and video)


One thought on “May

  1. Maybe we better move to Seattle now before it gets WAY too expensive! I’ll get on David about that. 🙂 Actually I’m not really kidding. I seriously dream of living there. Hooray for a REAL Fathers and Sons for you!

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