After our week at Fripp, we spent two weeks in Columbia and enjoyed all our usual adventures. One of the first places we headed was EdVenture, one of our favorite children’s museums. We met my cousin Kelly there with her two kids, and ended up staying the entire day. Even Megan and Gavin had fun, and when they got bored I sent them to the library, which is an actual branch of the county library within the museum. Logan had the most fun, I think. It was the longest time we had ever spent there, because no one needed a nap, and we didn’t have a membership so we couldn’t just come back the next day like we have in years past. The three big kids were old enough to go off on their own, so I just kept tabs on Logan.

One day I should make a book of all the cute EdVenture photos I have.

20150630-IMG_0209 20150630-IMG_0211 20150630-IMG_0216 20150630-IMG_0223 20150630-IMG_0227 20150630-IMG_0230 20150630-IMG_0235 20150630-IMG_0239 20150630-IMG_0248 20150630-IMG_0250 20150630-IMG_0255 20150630-IMG_0258 20150630-IMG_0264 20150630-IMG_0265 20150630-IMG_0266


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