Fripp 2015

The last day of school (June 18) we flew to South Carolina for a reunion at Fripp. We were there with my parents, grandparents, Caitlin and her family, Olivia and her family, Allison and Eric, Ethan, Ethan’s girlfriend Catherine Lunt and her family, and Carrie Lunt’s sister and her family. We were just missing Devin and his crew, who had just moved to Philadelphia for the start of Devin’s residency. He didn’t realize when we planned the trip that he won’t be allowed to take June or July off for the next three years. Life in the real world. In spite of seriously missing Emma and Owen, we had a blast. Every day for a week we cruised around the island on golf carts, spending the morning at the beach and afternoon at the pool. Without realizing it, we avoided any shark encounters by being in the water at low tide only. We ate a ton of good food, played games, and talked until wee hours.

The house was even better this year. Olivia and Grandma and Earl had their own place, as did the Lunts, but we always spent dinner and the evenings at our house.

We are getting into the sweet spot with our kids. Ben is swimming, Logan is close, and we didn’t have to worry about naps or diapers. Both young boys loved the ocean. The “yes we are a hot mess moment” involved Logan getting tangled in a kite string while the adults were chasing by a runaway tent. In spite of some mild sunburn and itchy bug bites, Fripp is still my happy place.

















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