Just Keep Swimming

Of course it was hot in South Carolina, so we needed a place to swim. Fortunately, Emily and Lauren (formerly) Kamber were at Hunting Creek a lot, so we tagged along. It seems smaller than it did when I was a kid, but it was perfect for my crew. Sometimes Cait and family went with us, sometimes Ethan. Thankfully no injuries like last year.

Ben improved his swimming, and Logan progressed quickly. By the end of our three weeks in South Carolina, he could finally swim a short distance, raising his head to breathe. The last pictures are in the Dryden’s back yard, next door to my parents.

The butterfly picture was at Hunting Creek. A butterfly the exact color as Ben’s swim shirt followed him around for a half hour, continually landing on him. It would fly up in the trees, and then eventually circle the pool until it found Ben. Sadly, the poor creature followed Ben to the car, where it landed on the hot, black dashboard and died immediately.

20150702-IMG_0280 20150708-IMG_0437

20150629-IMG_0191 20150629-IMG_0193 20150629-IMG_0196 20150629-IMG_0200 20150702-IMG_0286 20150702-IMG_0288 20150710-IMG_0529 20150710-IMG_0530 20150710-IMG_0536


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