Palmetto Falls Fourth

We spent the 4th of July at Palmetto Falls Waterpark on Ft. Jackson. It was cloudy so the crowds were light. Ben was just tall enough to go on all the slides and Logan was big enough for the smaller ones, so everyone was happy. Ben probably climbed the stairs to ride the bigger slides a hundred times. Logan refused to wear his puddle jumper and we had to keep a close eye on him.

You might notice that Ben has the brightest neon yellow shirt you’ve ever seen. Best purchase I’ve ever made. He was easy to spot in the ocean, at the pool, and at the waterpark, and I’m sure he’ll be wearing it to the lake here, too.

Gavin got stung by a wasp towards the end of our trip but thankfully had no reaction. In the evening we went to Jeff and Melody’s for more swimming and a BBQ with cousins.

20150704-IMG_0304 20150704-IMG_0315-2 20150704-IMG_0320-2 20150704-IMG_0322 20150704-IMG_0324-2 20150704-IMG_0332 20150704-IMG_0337 20150704-IMG_0338-2


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