First Day of School

My day began just after midnight, when I was going to bed. Megan came into my room, fully dressed, and said, “Oh, good, you’re up already.” I laughed, pointed out that it was 12:08, and helped her back to bed. She was obviously a little out of it, and relieved to hear she still had six hours to sleep.

At 6:30, my alarm went off, and we got up and started the day for real. We read scriptures for the first time since June and had first breakfast. Megan left at seven, and the boys’ bus doesn’t come until nine, so we have a solid two-hour stretch of the boys just waiting. I need to figure out a productive way for them to fill that time. I hate the schedule.

Gavin and Ben jumped onto the bus without looking back, a good sign. Ben immediately found a friend and started chatting, while Gavin, as a fifth grader, took the very back seat and enjoyed the solitude. I’m not sure if anyone sat by him later. There are still two school buses for our relatively small neighborhood. Each bus only stops 2 or 3 times and fills completely.

Logan and I took the slow walk home in the rain. When I asked him if he was happy or sad his brothers were gone, he said, “Happy. I don’t care.” Within five minutes he changed his tune: “I miss the brothers.” We went to the playgroup at the Lutheran church, Trader Joe’s, and spent a quiet, rainy afternoon at home. I’m not going to lie; it was long. I need to remember how to keep him occupied so I can get some stuff done. We read books, cleaned, and made a pot of soup. I took out the easel so he could paint and color. My friend Sheryl brought by some fresh bread, which was perfect because I had made split pea soup.

Megan bounced in the door at 2:30. Her day was awesome and the play-by-play took an hour. She loves her teachers, she was brave and found a place to sit at lunch, and she was able to help lots of sixth graders as a WEB Leader. I was so happy for her. We spent 45 minutes putting her hair in curlers Monday night, but with the rain her hair frizzled immediately. She definitely has her mama’s hair, and I’m wondering what will happen when she hits puberty.

We picked Gavin and Ben up from the bus at four. Ben ran right past us, through puddles, in the street, all the way home. Gavin was slower, and when I asked him to take out the recycling he melted down, so we got some soup and bread in him right away. After that and some Lego time, he was ready to do chores. Gavin’s favorite part of the day was “silent reading time” and there “wasn’t really a part he didn’t like.” Ben had P.E. That’s all I was able to get out of him. Here’s to another great year.








One thought on “First Day of School

  1. 9 am bus!? My kids leave for the bus at 6:45. Can’t they figure out a normal time, like 8? Beautiful kids, great post. Just one kid at home does sound a little terrible.

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