School, Day Two

Today was Wednesday, late start for Megan, so we didn’t have to get up until 7:30. Gavin read our scripture and requested a big pot of oatmeal for breakfast, which we ate with fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Ben pitched a fit at the bus stop because it was the first day of kindergarten and he wasn’t allowed to be first on the bus anymore. The driver had to sign in each kindergartner for the first time and Ben was incredibly impatient. Our bus stop has about 20 kids at it, mostly boys. They are rowdy and loud and one of our little neighbors, an only child and first time kindergartner, was holding tightly to both parents and quietly crying. Stephanie Rubyor (also a mom of three boys) and I had to yell at them to quit scaring the little girl. Hopefully she’ll get used to them.

Logan got to meet his teachers today. He’s going to Catholic preschool and I’m thrilled so far. I convinced my best friend Laura to enroll her youngest in Logan’s class, so we’ll be able to carpool. After the meet and greet, we walked across the street to the library and talked while Logan played computer and Asher put about 50 books in their library bag.

After lunch, I made Logan have quiet time and he fell asleep (yay!) Unfortunately, it was early release day so Gavin and Ben came home 15 minutes later. While Gavin listened out for Logan, I took Ben on a long walk to get his energy out. When we got home, Logan was just waking up. We waited for Megan to get home, I made a pot of soup (three in a row–I kind of love Fall), and we played outside again until dinner. Christopher stopped by the Farmers’ Market on the way home and brought back a flat of nectarines, so life is good.

I went ahead and took Logan’s “first day of school” pictures even though he doesn’t start until next week. He picked out the shirt because it has a pocket, and he likes to carry around a pen in it. Our photo shoot lasted about ninety seconds.

20150902-IMG_3916 20150902-IMG_3922 20150902-IMG_3929 20150902-IMG_3931 20150902-IMG_3932 20150902-IMG_3934


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