Logan’s 4th Birthday

Logan turned four in the middle of August, if that tells you about how busy we’ve been around here. He had fun opening his presents and having a little party at the park. I’m happy to report the cupcakes tasted delicious, but they looked awful. We swirled peanut butter and chocolate frosting, and it looked like poop. The kids ate them with no complaints. The adults politely declined.

At four years old, Logan is starting to become one of the big kids. He loves books and Special Agent Oso and Minecraft. He enjoys playing outside, but has no stamina for long walks. He eats everything, but especially loves oatmeal, pita bread sandwiches (pita, hummus, and cucumber), and spaghetti. His favorite color is red. He likes sharing a room with his brothers, and still sleeps on the bottom bunk. He still wakes up if he’s cold or wet or has a bad dream. A few nights ago he had a night terror. I ran in his room where he was screaming, “There’s a squirrel in my bed!” I calmed him down and tucked him back in. The brothers barely stirred.

He absolutely loves his preschool, and has trouble playing independently because he loves being with friends. Brookie is his best cousin. Ben is his best brother. He’s starting to enjoy playing Legos with the big boys, which is awesome! He can’t keep up with them on the trampoline yet. He still gets left behind when Dad or Mom takes the big kids on adventures, but when he can hike a mountain or sit through a movie, he’ll be right there with them. With Logan’s 4th birthday, it’s safe to say we are officially out of the baby stage!


Ben convinced Logan to share his birthday money from Gigi, and they each chose a “Beanie Boo”. Logan picked the “pink fluffy unicorn”.





Desmond, Margot, Brooklyn, Isaac, and Logan


Gift from Grandma and Grandpa


Birthday song at church


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